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Even as the job market slowly improves, unemployment still continues to be high, which means competition for open positions remains tough in many areas. 
CareerBuilder’s annual survey about unusual tactics came out recently and it turns out more and more job seekers are trying everything and anything to stand out from their competitors. Twenty-two percent of hiring managers reported that, compared to last year, they are seeing more job seekers try unusual tactics to capture their attention. This is up from 18 percent who said the same in 2009 and 12 percent in 2008. 
While you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons, some hiring managers, say that unusual tactics can be effective. One-in-ten said they have hired someone who used an unconventional tactic to get their attention. 
If you’re thinking about trying something to catch an employer’s eye, it’s all about the execution. You want to be remembered in a good way, so be professional and creative. Consider some of these unusual job seeker tricks that have actually worked: 
  • One candidate brought in a video recommendation from a former boss 
  • The person applying for a casino dealer job dealt a game on the interviewer’s desk and interacted with imaginary gamblers 
  • The applicant identified an existing technology problem and solved it 
  • A prospective teacher brought in a box of props to demonstrate her teaching style 
  • An applicant created a full graphics portfolio on the employer’s brand 
  • The successful candidate submitted a business plan with his job application 
Tell us, have you ever tried something unusual or unique to get an employer’s attention? Did it work or did it backfire? 
By: CareerBuilder 
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  1. To get my first job out of college, I faxed the following headline to ad agencies around the country: “If you think good writers are hard to come by today, call 916-320-8306 and one will come by tomorrow.” I got a call or a letter from every agency I contacted including The Martin Agency, widely regarded as one of the top 10 best ad agencies in the world. As a result I landed my first job where I got to work on Budweiser, Twix, Skittles, Burger King and more.

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