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We know that your job search can get quite frustrating these days with more people trying to find a job and fewer employment opportunities available.

To ease the burden, we’ve tracked down 10 top companies that are hiring this week from sales jobs to finance jobs, full-time jobs to part-time jobs. We hope you find a job that’s perfect for you.

Good luck job hunting!

1. Macy’s
Originally founded as Federated Department Stores in 1929, the company was officially renamed Macy’s in 2007. With over 800 stores across the nation, Macy’s is one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Macy’s, which saw its sales rise throughout 2010, has already announced plans to hire 3,500 employees the next two years.

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2. Hewlett-Packard
Hewlett Packard, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., currently ranks 10th on the Fortune 500. The company ships around 48 million PCs each year, making it the largest supplier of PCs worldwide. With revenues of $126 billion for their 2010 fiscal year, the company is also the largest IT company in the world. HP currently operates in 170 countries worldwide and has over 300,000 employees.

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3. Ernst & Young
Headquartered in London, England, Ernst & Young is one of the so-called Big Four Accounting Firms. The company’s activities consist mainly of doing financial audit work for other corporations. Additionally the company is actively involved in areas such as actuarial consulting, as well as due diligence research for mergers and acquisitions.

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4. Kindred Healthcare
Based in Louisville, Ky., Kindred Healthcare is a leading provider of post-acute health care services. Kindred currently operates in 40 states and has over 50,000 employees. The company recently agreed to acquire RehabCare for close to $900 million. The resulting company, which would be formed from such a merger, would be the largest provider of post-acute health care services, in the United States.

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5. Kmart
As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sears Holding Corp., Kmart currently operates 1,327 stores in 49 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the
U.S. Virgin Islands. Over 75 percent of these Kmart-branded stores operate their own in-store pharmacies. A portion Kmart’s stores are designated as Super Centers, and are open 24 hours a day. These Super Centers include a full lineup of grocery products.

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6. Chase
As the retail and commercial banking arm of financial services company JPMorgan Chase and Co., Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States, in terms of both its deposits and its market-capitalization. This qualifies Chase as one of the so-called Big Four U.S. Banks. As a whole, JPMorgan Chase employs over 200,000 employees in 60 countries around the world.

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7. IBM
Affectionately known as “Big Blue” by some, the computer hardware and software giant has been in business since 1911. Historically a leader in the field of technology research, the company holds more patents than any other U.S.-based company. In addition to its server and software products, IBM produces chipsets used in most modern video game systems, including the Xbox, Wii, and Playstation 3.

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8. Walmart

With over 2 million employees worldwide, Walmart Inc. is the largest private employer in the United States. The company has steadily grown since founder Sam Walton opened the first Walmart-branded store in 1962. Starting as a discount retail operation, the company has grown to include a line of supercenters and a significant grocery operation.

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9. UnitedHealth Group
United Health Group currently provides health insurance services to over 75 million people worldwide. The company has recently been actively involved in creating several technological advancements in the health care field, including the development of video conferencing systems for patient/doctor communication, the creation of electronic health records systems, and the release of an iPhone app to locate participating physicians.

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10. Sears

Founder Richard W. Sears got started retailing in 1886, when he came by an unwanted shipment of gold watches. The following year he began working with watchmaker Alvah C. Roebuck, and by 1890, the company had given birth to the mail-order catalog industry. Since then, Sears has grown quite a bit. Currently the Sears Holding Group operates over 2,300 Sears-branded stores across North America.

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