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Comments on: "So, Um, Like I Really Want This Job, Ya Know?" (3)

  1. It is very interesting how our language use has changed in recent years with the new fad of texting. The use of texting abbreviations such as “lol” “ty” “omg” are starting to show up in student’s school assignments without the understanding of why it is not proper English.

    Great article!

  2. Very good points here!

    It all comes down to communication skills and understanding what style to communicate when in a particular environment.

    When you're with friends who speak the way you prefer to speak, then go ahead and speak that way. There is nothing wrong or improper about that. It’s simply a style of your personal expression. When you're in a professional environment though, especially an environment that involves the company or organization you wish to work at, it's wiser to alter your communication style to best fit in that environment. If the company you wish to work at is not comfortable with your communication style, then they will most likely also be uncomfortable having you as part of their professional team. Why? Because if a person becomes a member of their business team, then that person is automatically representing that organization to some extent (whether the person chooses to believe that or not  ). Most companies, if not all, prefer to have employees who can speak a certain way. That way is usually demonstrated by their current employees such as the person performing the interviews.

    It’s ok to speak and communicate in the way one wishes to. People just need to remember that there is a time and place for all types of communication. If a person chooses to not speak in the way a company they are interviewing at prefers to speak, then that is ok. That person will simply not get hired by that company giving greater opportunity to the next person interviewing (and choosing to speak in the same manner as the company).

    I agree with the earlier comment, great article!

  3. Wish to say this i like your posting thanks keep update your blog its more helpful for job seeker and fresher. thanks bye…

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