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Want to earn close to $19 per hour while you are still a college student? Some students are doing just that. According to a recently released survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), college juniors pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering can receive $18.90 per hour as an intern. Other students with technical, quantitative, and scientific majors can also expect to earn at the higher end of the internship wage spectrum with hourly salaries between $17.85 and $18.90.

Here’s how the internship salaries for college juniors across a variety of majors stack up.
Communications, $15.71
Marketing, $15.98
Business Administration, $16.15
Human Resources, $16.26
Finance, $16.73
Accounting, $16.79
Liberal Arts, $16.91
Economics, $16.99
Social Sciences, $17.21
Information Technology, $17.85
Actuarial Science, $18.44
Mathematics, $18.50
Physical Sciences, $18.64
Health, $18.68
Engineering, $18.90
In addition, the study reports that offer rates and acceptance rates are the highest they have been for interns in four years, and the conversion rate of interns to full-time employees is reported to be 58 percent, compared to a 47 percent conversion rate in 2007. The study also indicates that interns that become employees have a 76 percent retention rate after one year and a 55 percent retention rate after five years.

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