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It’s no solution which physicians, lawyers, and senior professionals most importantly Businesses generally earn half a dozen figures or even more. However exactly where are the $100,000 careers for the rest of us–the a hundred and forty zillion United states employees which don’t have the desire, the particular abilities, or even the threshold with regard to student credit card debt to go for the particular classic big-money occupations?

It turns out that, today, you can find a large number of six-figure occupations. Here are just a couple of worth your consideration:


Developing nations might move on much more technical engineers than America, however we have nonetheless got sufficient jobs to maintain wages nice, no less than In some areas. In accordance with May possibly U.S. Agency at work Data data, the top ten percent regarding electric engineers posted average salaries regarding almost $127,000, as well as 1 / 2 of engineering managers gained average wages in excess of $117,000.

Within interactive specialties for example Web design, information architecture, as well as user friendliness, “there’s an absolute dearth of talent with three to five years of experience,” states Allison Hemming, president from the employment firm Hired Employed Guns.

Older Internet producers can generate $85,000 to be able to $110,000. “Interactive feels very 1999 right now,” Hemming claims. “It’s a real opportunity for people who may have left the field and come back or are just out of college.”

Can production employees method half a dozen numbers? They could if they’re inside the correct high-tech Specialized. According to Jack port Dolmat-Connell, president with the compensation contacting organization DolmatConnell & Partners, a few semiconductor great technicians will make approximately $90,000 with at an increased rate.

Financial Services:

Experts mixed up in provision associated with bread-and-butter financial services–not just people ensconced on Wall Street–often generate 6 figures. “Producers [salespeople] in insurance and branch managers–those can average $120,000 to $125,000,” says Dolmat-Connell.

Property may be experiencing a great overabundance of latest entrants, yet long-term prospective customers with regard to higher income within costly financial markets are still favorable. “Real estate agent–that’s one of those quiet little jobs where you can make a boatload of money,” states Bill Coleman, mature Vice President regarding compensation with Salary.com. A realtor that participates in the selling of 12 or even 18 half-million-dollar houses per year–easy to complete within big-money marketplaces just like the Northeast–is likely to hit $100,000 in income.

Entertainment and Hospitality:

Can a employee rise from hamburger flipper in order to six-figure earner? Don’t assume all day time, however it takes place. Restaurant managers may earn $100,000 at high-end dining places as well as resorts,” says Coleman.

For many who reside around a online casino, huge earnings might be attainable, even with out a higher education. “The top 25 percent of casino pit managers earn over $100,000, with just high school and five years of experience,” claims Dolmat-Connell.

Security and Hazard Obligation:

Run-of-the-mill protection guards typically earn lower spend, however well-placed safety experts are capable of doing much better. “Security guards for celebrities can earn six figures,” claims Coleman. These kinds of jobs are targeted within Ny and Los Angeles, yet sporting activities megastars might have protection located in their own teams’ hometowns.

Less-glamorous gigs will pay equally efficiently, in the event that perform circumstances bring about reasonably limited. Oil-rig employees need to cope with dangerous and also remote work sites, thus high-ranking crew people make as much as $100,000.


An advanced six-figure aspirant, the federal government may be one of the final employers arrive at brain. However Uncle Sam wants 1000s of specialists as of this level annually.

“Retirement rates for midlevel managers are high; more and more, the government is hiring people from the outside directly into management,” states Kathryn Troutman, mcdougal regarding “Ten Steps to a Federal Job” and past Beast contributor.

And middle-management jobs inside federal government might be much better paid out as compared to their private-sector alternatives. “Midrange professional salaries are much higher, and the flexibility and benefits are much better,” says Troutman. These careers usually belong to the actual GS-14 and also GS-15 quality amounts.

Listed below are just a few of the Government careers that may spend $100,000 or even more, based on USAJOBS:

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