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10 Things to Do When You Leave Corporate America

What’s the best part about not having to get dressed up and go to work every day? Time.
If you’re working full time in Corporate America today, eventually you will leave. What are you going to do with all that time? Or, if you’ve already left, what are you doing with all that time?
Here’s my top 10 list for things to do when you leave Corporate America (in no particular order):
1. Go to the gym. I understand (really, I do) when you’re working you just don’t have the time. My first inclination was to make up for lost time by cramming years of workouts into one month while making believe that I can still do what I did in my 20s. But that resulted in one trip to the emergency room and four stitches. Now I’m approaching my workouts more like a 30-something (a-hem).
2. Cook. It’s always been my job to make dinner. But let’s face it making dinner is not quite the same thing as cooking. I’ve known this for a long time even though I did my best to convince my family I was actually cooking. My new approach is causing some disruption though when my husband comes home expecting that I’ll pull something together in twenty minutes or less.
3. Read. Admit it you all have that pile of books that you’ve been collecting from Amazon to read some day. They have been collecting dust and consuming precious shelf space. When you leave Corporate America you just might have time to read those books while simultaneously encouraging the pile to grow larger.
4. Master the laundry process. I used to spend all weekend mass processing the laundry. It was the only time I had to do it, and with kids playing messy sports there was quite a bit to do. I have discovered that it is far more efficient to spread the loads across the week. And the weekends remain free for other things like:
5. Pay attention to what your kids are doing. Your kids won’t like this. It will disrupt the normal order of things. They aren’t likely to give you full Facebook friend status, but there are covert methods that work quite well (which can’t be divulged here for fear that I will lose my sources).
6. Annoy your spouse. When you have time to clean and organize you start to realize that you have collected enormous amounts of junk over the years. So when that yellow t-shirt disappears – and your spouse is annoyed well, just think of it as getting even.
7. Learn what a savasana is. Don’t think about, just do it.
8. Write. Everyone has a story in them, right? You know all that stuff that’s been cluttering up your brain? Now you can write about it. If you’re lucky someone might even read it.
9. Get some Vitamin D – from the sun. Some of you may not know this because you never see the sun, but the sun does actually shine – at least a little on most days. And ten minutes (without sunscreen) is equal to 10000 international units of vitamin D.
10. Watch Mad Men. I can’t be the only person on the planet who had no idea this AMC TV show existed until a few months ago. If you’ve worked in Corporate America this might become your new favorite show. You get bonus points if you were born in the 50s or 60s.
What’s on your list?
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