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America’s Highest-Paying White-Collar Jobs

Here’s where to make the most without leaving a desk.

imageIf you want to keep getting raises, get promoted to senior management. As tough as the economy has been, people in executive positions saw their paychecks increase by an average of 2.2% this year, to $99,700. That’s according to data just released by Compdata, a national compensation survey and consulting firm in Olathe, Kan.
Compdata looked at base salaries for 26 senior management jobs below C-level. For the sixth consecutive year, commercial lending directors take the top spot, with the highest average paychecks. They are earning $132,500 in 2010, up from $128,600 last year. Ranking second on the list, general managers are making $124,800 this year, up from $118,300 last year.
“In an economy where many organizations are implementing salary freezes and reductions just to get by, it’s encouraging to see salaries for many jobs rising, even if some increases are very modest,” said Amy Kaminski, director of marketing for Compdata Surveys. “As industries begin to recover, it will be more important than ever for companies to make an effort to hold onto their most valuable asset–their employees. Offering a balanced yet competitive compensation package will be the key to employee retention as the economy grows.”
Even the list’s lowest-paying jobs are paying more than last year. Human resources managers and advertising and public relations managers rank at the bottom of the group of white-collar jobs, with average salaries of $74,900 and $73,300 respectively, but both are enjoying small year-over-year increases.
Elsewhere on the list, mortgage lending directors made 7.1% less this year than they did in 2005, but their average base salary of $100,300 was up a healthy 5.1% from last year. The biggest winners over a five-year period are finance directors, who are earning 37.9%, or $37,300, more this year than in 2005, and engineering directors, whose paychecks have grown 15%, or $19,700, in the same period. 
Of the 26 jobs included in the survey, only four national sales managers, accounting directors, marketing directors, and systems and programming managers are earning less in 2010 than last year. Four others–development officers, mortgage lending directors, plant engineering managers, and advertising and public relations managers have seen their paychecks shrink from 2005, but have done better since 2009.

Following are the America’s Highest-Paying White-Collar Jobs:

1. Commercial Lending Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $132,500
Year-to-year change: + 3%
Best-paying industry: Banking & financial services
The Job: Directs and maintains the entire mortgage loan program and ensures quality mortgage loan service. Coordinates related activities, including property appraisals, title searches, securing new business and training of mortgage loan personnel. Directs handling of property repossession, past due accounts and delinquencies. Coordinates implementation and enhancement of operational systems and procedures. Stays current with real estate values and ensures that the bank’s values parallel market values.

2. General Manager

Average annual pay in 2010: $124,800
Year-to-year change: + 5.5%
Best-paying industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
The Job: Directs the operations of the organization overall or a sector of the organization. Formulates policies, manages daily operations and plans the use of materials and human resources. Responsible for the overall strategic planning and direction of the organization.

3. Engineering Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $122,100
Year-to-year change: + 4.6%
Best-paying industry: Services
The Job: Plans, organizes and directs engineering to meet the organization’s objectives. Provides direction on design and development activities to improve, modify or design new equipment and processes. Oversees key projects, processes and performance reports, data and analysis. Selects design concepts and fundamental technology used for new products or improvement of existing ones.

4. Finance Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $119,700
Year-to-year change: + 7.6%
Best-paying industry: Utilities
The Job: Directs the preparation of financial reports that summarize and forecast an organization’s financial position, such as income statements, balance sheets and analyses of future earnings or expenses. Oversees the accounting, audit and budget departments. Directs the organization’s issuance of credit by establishing credit-rating criteria, determining credit ceilings and monitoring the collections of past-due accounts.

5. Information Security Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $113,200
Year-to-year change: + 6.1%
Best-paying industry: Hospitality
The Job: Responsible for policy development, compliance, investigations and information protection. Provides vision and leadership for developing and supporting security initiatives. Directs the planning and implementation of enterprise IT system, business operation, and facility defenses against security breaches and vulnerability issues. Audits existing systems while directing the administration of security policies, activities and standards.

6. Development Officer

Average annual pay in 2010: $112,800
Year-to-year change: + 10.2%
Best-paying industry: Nonprofit
The Job: Plans, directs and implements capital fundraising and deferred gift programs. Exercises considerable judgment in the management and development of fundraising proposals and foundation relations. Presents proposals to prospective donors, corporations and foundations. Directs efforts in the organization and implementation of solicitation campaigns and gift acknowledgment. Confers with trustees and top executives to disseminate organizational goals and objectives relating to fundraising efforts.

7. Information Systems Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $109,000
Year-to-year change: + 0.2%
Best-paying industry: Utilities
The Job: Directs the information systems activities for an organization. Establishes standards and systems requirements. Responsible for the timely preparation and distribution of business reports and the integrity and security of the information systems. Provides ongoing liaison with user groups to implement programs, determine needs and resolve problem situations. Negotiates purchase and/or maintenance contracts on hardware or software.

8. Operations Director

Average annual pay in 2010: $108,600
Year-to-year change: + 0.4%
Best-paying industry: Utilities
The Job: Responsible for the management and direction of operations, logistics, facilities, customer service and technical support. Manages all local operation processes in all aspects of operations to include value-added services, planning and development, customer service, facility security and supervision of operations staff.

9. Controller

Average annual pay in 2010: $106,500
Year-to-year change: + 0.7%
Best-paying industry: Utilities
The Job: This position is not the top financial executive, but acts as financial advisor to the chief financial officer by providing financial analysis, planning and budget control. Advises on profitability of organization and assets. Works with the CFO to develop strategic and long-term financial goals and regulatory compliance of reporting.

10. Plant Manager

Average annual pay in 2010: $105,800
Year-to-year change: + 1.7%
Best-paying industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
The Job: Directs and coordinates activities to obtain optimum efficiency of operations and maximize profits. Responds to related production problems and pursues and implements remedies to such problems. Manages the activities of production, plant engineering, quality control, manufacturing engineering and administrative services.

By Jacquelyn Smith


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