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AT&T Hiring 3,000 and Deutsche Bank Adds 5500 Jobs

AT&T has 3,000 openings for salespeople.

AT&T is so eager to hire great employees like you that its top staffing directors sat down with Shareen Pathak of Sales-Jobs.Fins.com and explained how you can get an edge in applying.
To begin with, the openings are both in retail centers and in the actual business side. AT&T’s approach is for solutions-selling. That is, AT&T requires listeners who can identify the customer’s problem and recommend how it can be solved. This is far more important than simply having technical knowledge. For those it hires, AT&T has extensive training programs. The programs include mobilization for the new smartphones. Therefore, given AT&T’s willingness to develop ability, this opportunity is ideal for new entries to the job market as well as career changers.
AT&T recommends you check its career site att.jobs. That will give you a feel for the organization as well as where you can apply for sales positions. After you apply, there is a pre-screening process by phone or online. The next step would be a preemployment test, for which AT&T provides study guides. The actual interview focuses on your accomplishments and failures, including what you learned from the latter.

Deutsche Bank Adds 5500 Jobs, Boosts Compensation

Deutsche Bank has gone one better than other financial institutions.  Deutsche Bank not only added to its head count this year by hiring 5500. Unlike other major banks, it didn’t also cut compensation. Instead, reports Kyle Stock in Fins Finance, it boosted it. Deutsche Bank, the German financial institution with branches in the U.S., “has grown its compensation coffers, setting aside $9.6 billion euros to pay its troops in the first nine months of the year.”

How to get into Deutsche is much like the way into any major financial institution. You have to be willing – correct that, eager – to study for licensing examinations such as the Series 6 and Series 7. Even administrators who are removed from the money parts of the business usually are licensed. They might also have passed certification examinations in specifialized areas of the business.

The catch-22 is that to sit for the licensing examinations you usually have to be sponsored by a financial institution. Therefore, you first have to become associated with one. That could include being an independent contractor. The most common ways the ambitious create an association is through applying for a sales position or an entry level one such as teller.

By Jane Genova & Jane Genova

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