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2010-11 Working Mother 100 Best Companies

No one would say that being a working parent is easy. If you have a newborn at home, good luck getting more than a few hours of sleep each night. Once your children are in school and participating in extracurricular activities, you have to pick them up at one place and drop them off at another. Don’t forget the overall pressure of having another human being relying on you for food, shelter and clothing. You have enough responsibilities to make parenting a full-time job without ever having to set foot in an office.
And if no reasonable person would claim the life of a working parent is easy, you probably won’t find anyone who thinks working mothers have had an easy time balancing work and family. Working women have faced an uphill battle for generations and still do. As we’ve pointed out, don’t be an attractive woman who wants a traditionally masculine job or you’ll be sorely disappointed. Progress has a long way to go.
But the situation for working women in 2010 is better than in previous generations, as we have recently noted. As that study explains, 20-something single women are the ones making the greatest financial gains, and experts suspect that this is because many women wait to get married and have children in their 30s and 40s. Essentially, once a woman becomes a mother, her professional life becomes more affected than that of her male counterparts. Each couple decides how it wants to divvy up the daily responsibility, but women still seem to be the ones who leave work to pick up the children from school or who stay home if they get sick.
Realizing that mothers – and women who plan on having children – have extra factors to consider in a job hunt, Working Mother magazine has compiled a list of the best places to work. The Working Mother 100 Best Companies list is based on “work force, compensation, child care, flexibility programs, leave policies” and other factors affecting workplace productivity and culture.
For any worker, especially a working mother, access to on-site child care or the ability to telecommute is important for balancing work and life. Working Mother magazine says that the companies on the list are ahead of most national organizations. For example, only 37 percent of nationwide companies offer health insurance for part-time workers, whereas 100 percent of the companies on the list do.

Family-friendly benefits and programs that help keep working moms’ careers on track have mored forward in the 25 years since the launch of Working Mother’s first Best Companies list. Now Working Mother 100 Best Companies offer programs that help all employees with their struggles to gain some work-life balance. Here’s what we have found.

Mothers who work at this health-care company don’t need to skip their kids’ choir practices or school plays just to impress the boss: Last year, 89% of employees held jobs that permitted them to flex…
Whatever their personal goals may be, women can find support for them at this management consulting, technology and outsourcing firm.
Women make up a third of all officers, board members and management team members at this financial services and insurance company.
Adding spaces at a child-care facility near headquarters helped more parents enjoy sliding-scale fees for care; those with teens took advantage of the company’s 42 $7,000 college scholarships.
“Hub, club, home and roam‚” might sound like the chorus of a preschool song, but it’s actually the motto of a formal flexibility initiative that’s growing at this financial company.
Kids get a great start in life when their moms work for this Web services company. Its innovative Well Baby program offers coaching on prenatal care, childbirth, lactation and newborn health.
In 1997, this law firm opened a child-care center at its headquarters, making it one of the first in its industry to do so.
Working moms at this pharmaceutical firm enjoyed last year’s pilot of its Total Leadership program, an initiative that used guided exercises and group coaching to help participants prioritize and…
Wake up, get dressed, grab coffee, walk to desk. That’s the extent of the daily commute for moms enrolled in this technology company’s “homeshoring‚” program, which allows associates to work…
This management consulting firm is committed to advancing and retaining the talented women who work for it.
Despite a history that stretches back more than 200 years, this bank stays modern by allowing its employees to define how they work.
Women can  really improve their families’ fortunes when they work for this Florida healthcare network, which offers up to $4,000 in annual tuition aid for a bachelor’s degree and up to $6,000…
Alternative work options are big at this health-care insurance company, where all employees used flextime in 2009.
Making its list debut, this pharmaceutical company offers great benefits that include 100% tuition reimbursement for job-related courses, which saved employees $7,597 on average last year.
Women flock to the system’s mentoring and career counseling programs, apply for up to $5,000 in annual tuition aid and score 72% of top salaries.
Change was in the air at this strategy- and technology-consulting firm last year.
There’s a lot to admire about this management consulting firm, where the number of female consultants has doubled in the past six years.
Parents rejoiced recently when this biopharmaceutical company opened its fifth child-care center near its New Brunswick, NJ, campus.
Despite the faltering economy, last year this Midwestern health-care system refused to cut benefits that help employee families.
Anyone who works at least 20 hours per week is eligible for health insurance; at three campuses, health centers treat kids over age 2 for free.
The company’s focus on creating a new generation of leaders may be paying off: Half of its highest earners and management team members are women.
Moms are deeply appreciated by this pediatric health-care system, which annually names one female employee Working Mother of the Year and rewards her with a paid day off, a spa trip and Atlanta…
In 2009, the company introduced job-sharing, formalized both part-time schedules and full-time work-from-home arrangements and added global policies that made flextime and telecommuting easier to use.
Last November, this financial services company launched Women Leading Citi, a program pairing female directors and managing directors with career advocates who help them locate development…
Education is highly prized by this consumer products company, which generously grants its employees up to $10,000 in annual tuition aid for job related courses and offers their teen children college…
Parents at this law firm’s headquarters find its near-site day care, which serves 85 kids from infancy through age 5, a huge stress reliever–but no matter where they work, they’ll find support: The…
In 2009, this financial services firm piloted Maternity Coaching, a quarterly program that prepares women for maternity leave by establishing the steps they need to take to ensure a smooth departure…
Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary last year inspired this information technology and services company to think big.
The new sabbatical program offered by this professional services organization supports such aspirations, granting employees four unpaid weeks off to do anything they like (climb Everest, hang with…
To enhance their knowledge, moms can apply for annual tuition aid of up to $5,000 for undergraduate studies or $10,000 for graduate work.What We Love
Finding a good child-care provider is stressful, but for employees of this alcoholic beverage company, it’s easy. Parents can utilize a resource and referral service to locate care and may now access…
Moms cherish this media company’s family-friendly atmosphere. If they have a baby, they can take nine fully paid weeks off to bond and enjoy; new fathers and adoptive parents receive three fully paid…
Women frequently work unorthodox schedules for this silicones supplier, but what matters to their employer is what they do, not when they do it.
Moms who need to travel overnight for work are fully reimbursed for their childcare costs.
Bicycling on a beautiful day, fishing in a well-stocked lake or gathering family for a picnic and softball game relaxes the moms who work for this pharmaceutical company, which maintains its own 267-…
With 75% of its employees working out of client offices, this professional services firm offers scheduling freedom to those who pursue it.
All new parents receive at least four fully paid weeks off after a birth or adoption, with up to $10,000 in adoption aid; at most sites there are lactation rooms with pumps and refrigerators, and a…
Flexible schedules (compressed weeks, telecommuting) are increasingly popular; if their positions allow, moms may design their work around use of these two arrangements.
Making impressive strides last year, this Memphis-based financial services company introduced both a diversity council and an executive advisory council that support the advancement of women, as well…
Women anticipating the birth or adoption of a new family member still get 16 job-guaranteed weeks off, including seven partially paid for birth moms and two fully paid for primary adoptive caregivers…
With 5,350 employees at 17 sites in seven states, this mortgage finance firm wisely focuses on benefits that can be customized.
Parents who work at the headquarters of this biotechnology firm rely on two near-site child-care centers with fulltime, backup and school holiday care for 565 kids, plus “date nights‚” for Mom and…
To show employees that hard work and a healthy lifestyle aren’t mutually exclusive, this infrastructure, finance and media company launched Health Ahead, its new global wellness program, last…
Moms head five of the seven U.S. retail divisions of this food manufacturing company, with Yoplait president Becky O’Grady added in 2009.
In 2009, after internal surveys found that its employees sought greater work-life balance, this investment banking, securities and investment management firm sprang into action.
Sometimes just knowing the right way to handle things can set a leader apart. Last year, this professional services firm introduced the Centered Leadership development series, which helps women at…
At monthly gatherings, female leaders talk to up-and-coming women about the lessons they have learned during their careers; last year, women represented 63% of all managers and executives at the…
It’s all about family at this health-care system, where employees are eligible for 24 job guaranteed weeks off to deliver or adopt a child.
During the extraordinarily busy time that surrounds the arrival of a new child, parents at this human resources outsourcing and consulting firm now have a little more breathing room.
Starting the week on a high note is easy at this health insurer, thanks to Monday Morning Leadership, a four-month training and peer-mentoring program for managers and team leaders in each business…
After the birth of a child, mothers can take six fully paid weeks off; adoptive parents receive up to $3,000 to cover their costs.
This information technology company offers real help to employees whose children have mental, physical or developmental issues. Its Special Care for Children program covers medical testing and…
Parents enjoy this technology company’s Family Fun events, held at least 55 times a year, at which they play games, watch movies and volunteer with their kids.
Anyone with a teenager knows the anxiety of preparing a child to leave the nest, but with this health-care company’s free College Coach program, the next stage doesn’t have to be stressful.
At this law firm, women have taken sabbaticals to travel Europe, create works of art or just enjoy time with their kids.
Keeping its workforce healthy is a priority for this food giant, whose Feeling Gr-r-reat wellness program offers $1,100 in annual incentives to salaried and nonunion employees.
After the birth or adoption of a child, employees may take 26 job guaranteed weeks off, with 12 weeks partially paid for moms and eight weeks fully paid for primary adoptive caregivers, who are…
Smart women do well at this consumer-goods company. If they are considered “high-potential,” they are given executive coaches (who help them sharpen their skills) and connected with company leaders.
This iconic toy maker merits a high approval rating among employees, with 100% of those surveyed saying they are proud to work here.
Employees care deeply about the work they do at this nonprofit foundation, which supports prenatal care and baby health. To honor fathers’ participation in their infants’ lives, management last year…
Marking the tenth anniversary of its Women’s Leadership Development Initiative last year, this hospitality services company took a look back at how the program helped diversify its pipeline for top…
Mothers of children with autism were comforted last year when this payments-solutions company began covering up to 60 annual visits to speech, physical and outpatient behavior therapy for their kids.
Alternative schedules are popular at the accounting, tax and business consulting firms known as McGladrey, the brand that comprises RSM McGladrey and McGladrey & Pullen. In 2009, 90% of their…
Expectant moms have struck gold with this information services provider’s new Maternity Management program, which streamlines doctors’ appointments and nursing consultations to take them smoothly…
With the formal launch of its Mom’s Network last year, this management consulting firm gave all women who were expecting or raising children their own representative–a dedicated manager assigned to…
This giant pharmaceutical company really did its employees proud in 2009. Its new Exceptional Caregiving website provided a variety of resources for those raising kids, teens and young adults with…
From its Janesville, WI, travel clinic to its six-bed hospital in Lake Geneva, WI, this health-care system offers moms many opportunities to advance.
The arrival of a child is celebrated by this financial services firm, which allows new moms to take eight fully paid weeks off and grants two fully paid weeks off to new dads and adoptive parents.
With 100 hours of emergency care at their disposal every year, parents can easily request an in-home visit by a caregiver, and they’ll pay just $4 per hour for up to three dependents.
Women make up 71% of the workforce at this cancer research and treatment center, and they have formed a real community. Workers praise managers who’ve championed them to pursue education or allowed…
First laugh, first step, first word. No parent wants to miss these milestones of a baby’s development, which is why this agricultural company offers them the option of applying for a year of job-…
Moms at this financial services firm are constantly being connected to employee networks that help them maintain work-life balance.
Taking five paid days off to spend at a child’s school or participate in a school-related activity might seem too good to be true to most moms, but at this labor organization, parents can do it every…
Moms get at least three fully paid weeks off for a birth and can express breast milk in the facilities’ Mothers’ Centers.
It’s been 20 years since this financial services firm opened a childcare center at its Chicago headquarters, the jewel of its work-life program. Since then, once-foreign offerings such as flex hours…
Moms can have lasting careers at this academic medical center, where women already serve as two thirds of all managers, senior managers and top earners.
Every mom wants her child to get a solid education, but many worry about the best way to save for tuition. By opening its “Saving and Paying for College” seminar to employees with kids of all ages,…
Imagine working for an employer that encourages taking a long lunch break to train for a half-marathon, provides free yoga classes on-site and even repairs your bike.
Raising young children while caring for elderly relatives can be stressful, which is why sandwich-generation parents are so grateful for this media company’s thoughtful solutions.
From conception through college, employee kids are supported by the policies and programs of this health-care company. 
Getting attorneys to relax is tricky–there’s always work to do. So in 2009, this law firm made a revision to its flexible work initiative, encouraging moms to take a break.
Women are moving into the top echelons of this financial services company. While they currently serve as 68% of branch managers and 53% of regional managers, they are assuming assistant vice…
Female partners who are chosen for the new Breakthrough Leadership Development program at this professional services firm are destined for the executive suite.
When this financial services company recently surveyed workers about its flexible schedules, the response was staggering. People raved about how they were saving time, exercising more and seeing…
Adopting a child takes time, money and patience, but for so many parents, it’s the realization of a dream. Recognizing that, this consumer products company offers employees who adopt up to $5,000 in…
Parents hold 54% of the jobs at this financial services firm, and 36% have children young enough to attend day care. They appreciate the childcare center that the firm offers at its Woodbridge, NJ,…
Wellness is emphasized by this pharmaceutical firm, where a multitasking mom might find herself flexing her hours, telecommuting, working half days on Fridays or even applying for a six-month leave…
Moms at this consumer products company can take mildly ill children to a local hospital for temporary care, with 75% of the cost covered by their employer (up to $500 per year).
Last year this health-care system doled out $3.9 million in bonuses to employees through its Success Shares incentive program.
All those little things no one tells you about being a mother are addressed by the Practical Parent Education program at this semiconductor and educational technology company. Available on-site and…
Getting a master’s for $280 (plus the price of books) is just one of the great deals available to moms who work at this health-care system.
In times of challenge and crisis, moms at this media company don’t have to go far to find support. If they are concerned about their physical well-being, they can visit the new health and wellness…
Investing in its people is a priority for this academic medical center, which last year spent $1.6 million on tuition to help employees pursue certifications and academic degrees.
Scheduling freedom abounds for the employees of this academic medical center, who earn 27 to 43 paid days off every year.
Lunchtime workouts keep moms fit at this telecommunications company, where 31 on-site health and wellness centers offer yoga, spin and Pilates classes for $15 per month.
Working from home has become a way of life for many mothers at this health benefits company. Last year, 14% of associates telecommuted full-time, and thousands more did so casually.
Sometimes moms just need an extra hand to get things done, which is why the launch of a concierge service by this health-care organization made such a big splash last year.
Unlimited paid vacation time–could such a thing exist? Yes, if you’re at the level of vice president or above at this hospitality company, where tantalizing perks are the norm.
When you look at the amazing benefits that this university offers its employees, it’s obvious why 11% of them have worked there for more than 25 years
You can tell a great deal about an organization by how it treats employees when the chips are down. Last year, senior managers at this teaching hospital donated more than $50,000 to create a fund for…



Work-at-Home Real Resources / Companies that actually exists

While some companies allow for the occasional telecommuter, others base their business plan on obtaining a workforce of home-based employees. These companies consistently hire for work-at-home jobs.

Directory of Companies Hiring Work-at-Home Jobs

More and more companies are turning to remote or home-based employees or independent contractors to perform duties that were once done in-house. If you want to work from home, find a company hiring for work-at-home jobs in your field with this alphabetical directory of companies that use telecommuters.

Work-at-Home Company Profile: Google

While there is huge interest in work at home jobs for Google, unfortunately there are not nearly as many of these Google jobs. That said, there are a few legitimate Google work at home opportunities for “Ad Quality Raters.”

Work-at-Home Company Profile: McKesson

Headquartered in San Francisco, health care giant McKesson is a Fortune 500 company (#15 in 2009) employing more than 32,000 people.

Work-at-Home Company Profile: Fonemed

Formed in 1996, Fonemed provides telephone triage services to physician practices, managed-care organizations, third party administrators, disease management providers, private employers and associations throughout North America.

Work-at-Home Company Profile: UnitedHealth Group

Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, health insurance company UnitedHealthcare Group is a Fortune 500 company that offers telecommuting positions in nursing and other fields. More than 20 percent of this large health insurance company’s employees take advantage of its telecommuting opportunities.

Alpine Access

Outsourcing company Alpine Access hires its call center agents as employees and offers benefits like a health care plan and 401K. Learn more in this profile of Alpine Access.

Work-at-Home Company Profile: Convergys Careers

Use this profile of Convergys to learn more about Convergys careers. Find out how to apply for its work at home call center jobs in the U.S. Canada and United Kingdom (U.K). And start your Convergys career now.

Work-at-Home Company Profile: Humana

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Fortune 500 health insurance company Humana Inc. hires for several types of telecommuting positions.


Based in Santa Clara, CA, this privately held company provides call center outsourcing to clients using only U.S.-based home call center agents. Its more than 20,000 virtual call center agents are all independent contractors. Read profile of LiveOps.com.

List of Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs

The companies listed, which include 1-800-FLOWERS and Hilton Hotels, hire work-at-home call center agents as independent contractors and as regular employees.

Companies Hiring Work-at-Home Nurse Jobs

At first glance, nursing seems like hands-on profession not adaptable to telecommuting. But nursing can take many forms including working as a telecommuting nurse. Nurses working from home might do telephone triage, helping to assess patients’ health concerns over the phone.

Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcription is a career that can easily be done from home. Companies hiring medical transcriptionists to work from home usually require experience and/or certification. However, some will hire medical transcriptions who have completed a certification program but do not yet have experience.

Home Transcription Jobs

This list of companies hiring for home transcription jobs includes general, corporate, financial and legal transcription jobs. Medical transcription jobs are listed separately as are data entry jobs .

Legitmate Data Entry Jobs

These legitimate companies offer various types of data entry jobs. Most hire independent contractors for data entry but a few offer employment. Not all are necessarily hiring at this time.

Bilingual Jobs From Home

Telecommuting bilingual jobs range from teaching a foreign language to virtual call centers to translation and interpretation. And languages run the gamut from Spanish and French to Arabic and Russian. Below are lists of places to start searching for bilingual jobs. However, keep in mind that there are many more jobs that either require or prefer applicants to be bilingual yet they are not advert…

Work-at-Home Writing Jobs

Writing is an extremely versatile profession. Writing jobs run the gamut from freelancing for consumer magazines to self-publishing on the Internet. Typically work-at-home writers and editors work as freelancers. However, some companies do hire telecommuting employees for writing jobs.

Where to Find Online Teaching Jobs

The range of online teaching jobs available runs from college-level distance learning and writing adult ed online courses to K-12 online tutoring and language teachers. Some online teaching jobs require teaching certification while others simply make a platform available for those interested in writing an online course or connecting with…

Companies Hiring Work at Home Artists

Many of the work-at-home artistic jobs found on the web are for beginners. They are good ways to pick up extra cash, build a portfolio or sharpen skills. But this list of at-home artistic jobs also includes freelance opportunities for experienced artists.

Online Jury Companies

Find a job on an online jury and pick up some extra cash for weighing in with your opinion. Sign up up with these online jury companies. For more information about how online juries work, see this online juror FAQ .

Bilingual Jobs in Virtual Call Centers

Virtual call center agents perform telephone customer service and sales from the comfort of their own home office . Bilingual jobs in home call centers are common. Though Spanish is one of the most popular languages for bil

Work from Home Translation Jobs

If you are bilingual, this opens a lot of possibilities for work from home jobs, such as bilingual call centers, translation jobs, online teaching and more. Many translation jobs are done by freelancers, but some companies do hire home-based translators as employees. This list of companies with translations jobs includes positions for independent contractors and employees.

Work at Home Jobs – Companies that Hire for Work at Home Jobs

More and more legitimate companies are hiring telecommuters to perform jobs that were once done in-house. Often their goal is to lower overhead costs, like rent and utilities for office space. But sometimes companies are seeking the most qualified workers by hiring outside their geography region.

Apple at Home

Apple at Home is a work at home call center program aimed at college students. It is part of the company’s AppleCare College Program. Students in universities such as Arizona State (ASU) and University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) can work from home as “advisors.” However, Apple at Home has openings for non-students in technical support jobs.

Write On Results

Direct mail company looking for home-based workers to do hand written notes.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios accepts applicants with writing, editing and filmmaking skills. They are assigned to produce made-for-the-Internet content that appear on sites like eHow.com, LIVESTRONG.COM and dozens more sites. Writers are paid both on a flat fee and revenue sharing basis.


HubPages bills itself as the “leading online publishing ecosystem.” Writers sign up and publish their work. Revenue from Adsense and affiliates is split with HubPages, which receives a 40 percent share.


Company offers online courses for adult education. Instructors are paid 55-70 percent of the registration fee per student.


An online supplier of instructor-led continuing adult education, this website connects online instructors with institutions in need of online teachers. Payment, to teachers, which OnlineLearning.net says averages between $1500-$2500 per course, is made by the institution.


Hires online language tutors to work in conjunction with its “TeLL me More” language software.


VITAC’s Realtime Captioner employees are court reporters who caption live TV programming with 98% accuracy. Captions are written on a steno machine. Work at home captioning jobs include benefits.

Caption Colorado

Company offers closed captioning work at home jobs and jobs in its Denver office. Work at home jobs may require training in Denver.

American Fidelity Assurance Company

AFA is a large insurance company named one of Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Jobs listings are not searchable for telecommuting positions, but a 2008 press release says 30 percent of its workforce telecommutes.

Write On Results

Based in Fredrick, MD, direct marketing company contracts with home-based workers for handwritten nes for its clients.

Troy Research

Market research company hires independent contractors for interviews and research.


About.com contracts with more than 600 guides who are experts in their many different fields. They write online content from home and are paid a minimum of $725/month to start. However, compensation increases with page view growth.

Hire Better™

Recruiting firm hires recruiters to work from home. apply by emailing resume.

Homework Tutoring

Online tutoring service offers homework help for high school and college students in a variety of subjects. Email resume to be considered as a tutor.

RRecycled Paper Greetings

Freelance artists can submit artwork along with a message for consideration for greeting card company. Does not accept electronic submissions.


Computer company Dell offers many work at home positions. Use “remote” in the keyword search.


Writers are paid based on the performance of their “brand” or page views of the news content they write.

PartnerCentric Internet Marketing

PartnerCentric recruits Internet marketing professionals with experience in PR, SEO, sales, social media, affiliates and Web design for work at home positions.


OurExchangePlace.com , a fee-based service that allows users to post an unlimited number of products and services at its e-store or auctions hires remote copy editors, photographers, videographers, webpage designers, writer and sales people to run its business.

Writers Research Group

Oklahoma-based company is “always in search of talented, self-motivated, detail-oriented professionals capable of meeting strict client specifications and tight deadlines.” The company hires, as telecommuters, writers, editors, researchers and data entry specialists.


Educational publisher hires telecommuting writers and editors.


Company recruits home-based workers and university students from around the world as translators and interpreters.

Medifax, Inc.

Medifax, Inc. hires home-based medical transcriptionists in the U.S. with a minimum of two years of experience. Employees work every other weekend or the equivalent of 32 hours of weekend time per month. Career advancement opportunities and benefits available to full-time employees.


Mahalo calls itself “a human-powered search engine dedicated to delivering carefully curated search results featuring the highest quality, spam-free links available.” It hires freelance writers for $10-12 an hour for a minimum of 20 hours a week to fulfill this mission.

Virtually Yours 925

New York-based company hires virtual assistants in the U.S. and Canada to do word processing, desktop publishing, data entry, administrative work, meeting/event planning, bookkeeping, website/graphic design, Internet marketing and more.


Sitel HomeShore, the company’s work-at-home program, offers call center agents professional training within Sitel’s on-site training center. Training centers are in Las Vegas, NV, and Albuquerque, NM. After graduation, call center employees may work from home.


This company doesn’t hire online tutors but provides a service of putting together students and tutors and providing online tools for tutoring. It charges a 15 percent commission on all fees collected by tutors.


The Examiner.com hires writers with insights and knowledge to share about local events and communities in topics ranging from sports and parenting to food and green living. Pay is based on the size of your audience.

Convergys Home Agent Program

Virtual call center agents receive incoming calls and provide services that may include customer service, sales or technical support. Convergys offers paid training, and employees can select from applicable benefits that include paid time off and holidays, 401(k) plan, employee stock purchase plan, life insurance and medical, dental and vision coverage.


Teaching English by phone, gofluent seeks home-based trainers who are native English speakers who are bilingual in French, Italian, German, Russian and Korean. They are hire only from Kansas, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Canada.

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Once trained, company opens some nurse case manager to telecommute. So residency in Tennessee is required.


Hires experienced teachers with graduated degrees for part-time and full-time openings.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy, a “school without walls”, is a virtual educational program serving K–12 students throughout various states in a non-classroom-based environment. It hires certified teachers for some home-based positions.


Sales associates for eTutorWorld will work from home, at days and times of their choice, promoting online personal tutoring services in math and science for school students in grades 5 to 12. No financial investment is required and training is free.

Internet Brands: Cars, Mortgage, Real Estate, & Travel

Internet media company that operates community and e-commerce web sites in the automotive, careers, home, shopping, and travel and leisure categories hires telecommuting writers and editors.


Accounting outsourcing firm hires home-based accountant and sales persons on a full- and part-time basis, offering benefits for some positions.

Voice Applied Customer Service

Telephone customer service provider offers call center agents in both physical and virtual office locations.


SmartBrief hires editors, often as part-time telecommuters, to comb through the day’s business news stories from a wide range of sources and distill the news related to a specific industry into a daily newsletter.


Suite101 is an online magazine written by freelancers who are experts in many fields. Writers must submit 10 articles in every three month and are paid based on ad revenues for their work.

Hilton Hotels

Hotel chain hires work-from-home agents for customer care and reservations. These jobs are hired through the company’s Dallas and Tampa offices.


This online educational service connects students to tutors from computers in their local library, community center, school, after school program, or from home. To become certified as an online tutor, you must have a degree from or be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian college, then you must pass a test in your area of specialty and submit a writing sample. The process takes 1-3 weeks.


New York-based company hires at-home call agents on a temporary and permanent basis.


Art & Logic software developers work out of their own home offices and are located throughout the USA and Canada.

BSG – Third Party Verification

Independent-contractor agents take inbound calls to do third party verification for utility, cable, and financial services clients. Agents can choose to work shifts as short as two hours. A minimum $8.50 per hour for English only agents and $9.00 per hour for bi-lingual agents is guaranteed.

Balance Your Books

Accounting outsourcing firm hires CPAs, bookkeepers with experience providing A/P, A/R, payroll and general and sales people offering the “opportunity to telecommute.”


This public relations firm hires full-time, experienced PR professionals, who work from home.

Alpine Access

Home-based customer service reps of Alpine Access are employees who are paid around $9 an hour. Once a position is offered, applicants pay $45 for a background check.


InternetLABOR.com matches sub-contractors to clients. Applicants who are accepted are put on a list until a job requiring their particular skills are found. Jobs range from bloggers and web designers to administrative assistants to patent acquisition specialist.

Cherry Lane Music Company

Company hires U.S.-based guitar transcribers, piano arrangers and educational music authors on a freelance basis.


This airline hires some home-based customer service representatives.

Intracorp (Cigna)

Intracorp, a division of insurance company Cigna, hires registered nurses to work-at-home as disability and workers comp clinical case managers. Use “work from home” as keywords to search Cigna’s job openings. Hiring is done from a NY location.


This Internet site provides full-service IT staffing for its clients by contracting with experienced IT professionals for services such as computer support, repair, service and training. Job seekers register with the company and are contacted when clients in their area request service. The work is done at the clients’ location.

NEW Corp

Extended warranty company pays home-based customer care reps $9 per hour to take in-bound calls.

West at Home

West at Home’s customer service agents are employees. Their schedules are based on either a per-minute rate, per-call or an hourly rate. Technical requirements for a home office must be met.


Healthcare contact center company Sirona (formerly Intellicare) hires registered nurses to work at home as nurse consultants. Paid training is done in one of the company’s physical locations.


Company hires independent-contractor, call-center agents, including licensed insurance agents, for a variety of positions including outbound sales, bilingual customer service and financial services.

MySQL – Sun Microsystems

Company hires skilled, home-based support engineers from the U.S. and across the world.


Like a search engine but with live work-at-home guides answering the questions, ChaCha pays per answer, which it says averages out to $3-9 per hour.


VIPdesk specializes in delivering concierge and virtual call center services for the “high-value customers” of its corporate clients. Its home-based agents handle customer requests via phone, e-mail, and chat and research and fulfill requests from customers in the United States and abroad. it offers full- and part-time hours but agents must commit to certain availabilities.

Working Solutions

Hiring for temporary or project work, Working Solutions looks for home-based independent contractors to do data entry and call-center work for pay ranging from $7.20 to $30 an hour. Call center projects can include order processing, reservations, enrollments, customer service, sales, market research, technical support, etc.

Bateman & Co., Inc., P. C.

Accounting firm hires work-at-home accountants on a permanent, part-time basis. Texas residents preferred.

Applied Medical Services

Company hires independent contractors as home-based medical transcriptionists as well as for medical billing and coding jobs.


MedQuist career opportunities include professional, transcription, coding and support positions. Transcriptionists must have one year of recent work experience as a medical transcriptionist or must be a recent graduate of an AAMT certified transcription program.


Canadian company hires virtual call center agents and mystery shoppers.


Register to be a mock juror and then get paid from $5 to $50 to render your opinion on a lawyer’s case.


Hires experienced medical billers to work from home. Experience with physician practice billing (including commercial accounts), Medicare, HMOs, PPOs and workers’compensation preferred.


Company has traditional “brick-and-mortar” offices in Encino, CA, but also hires at-home Account Managers across the country with media planning/buying experience.

AFFINA | Home Agent Program

Home-based call center agents answer inbound calls. pay is $8 to $10 per hour. Must be available for 4 – 6 weeks of training in Peoria, IL, or Waterloo, IA, before transitioning to a home call center.


Company based in Vienna, VA, hires those with admissions committee experience and excellent interpersonal skills for work-at-home consultant positions.


Sign up to evaluate a lawyer’s case as a juror would and get paid $5 – $10 per case.

Aria Communications

Based in St. Cloud, MN, company hires people to hand write notes. Must be available for 20 hours of onsite training.


Global provider of resources to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry hires telecommuters for many (mostly contract) positions in research, project management and IT.

Laureate Education, Inc.

Laureate Education Inc. is the developer of online education at Walden University, Kendall College, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, College of Santa Fe, and Laureate Higher Education Group. Most jobs require at least a master’s. Choose “Virtual” as job location.


The Washington, D.C.-based education organization hires part-time (usually 9-20 hours per week), work at home tutors for students of varying abilities and ages. Tutors may work from anywhere in the world as long as they have computer and Internet access (and a U. S. bank account). Peak season for hiring is May-August and November-December every year. Most tutors are paid on an hourly basis. Paid training. Hires graduate and undergraduate students, high school teachers and other experienced tutors.

Creative English Solutions (CES)

Canadian company CES develops practice tests for TOEFL and TOEIC. It hires experienced test writers and voice actors from Canada.

California Virtual Academies

A network of public charter schools that provides education for students in the state of California, California Virtual Academies hires certified K-12 teacher in California. In-person meetings in county of employment are required.

Web Tracer

Work as a skip tracer for this search firm specializing in locating the current address, phone number and place of employment of missing debtors. One year of experience required for these independent contractor positions.

Counsel on Call

Legal services firm with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Memphis and Nashville contracts with attorneys and paralegals to work both remotely and on site performing services for clients nationwide.


Education company Kaplan has work at home openings for college-level online instructors, instructional designers and SAT tutors. Use “virtual” as the keyword in the job search database.


Car rental company offers remote call center positions. However, on-site training is required. Call center locations are in St. Louis, MO, Eugene, OR and Salt Lake City, UT.


Customer service representatives in Dublin, OH, call center of this pharmacy services company are offered the opportunity to work at home. Pay for these employment positions is $12/hr to start; other benefits include bonuses, health insurance, tuition reimbursement.


Business processing outsourcing (BPO) company NCO, known for its services in accounts receivable management (i.e. debt collection), hires full-time employees In the U.S. and Canada as work at home call center agent for sales and customer service jobs. Use “work at home” in the keyword field.


Support.com provides remote technology services to consumers and small businesses. Many of the IT jobs are based in India, but the company has work at home jobs for sales managers in the U. S.


Company offers IT-enabled business solutions and services to businesses. Jobs in its database indicate whether remote. Hires for telecommute jobs in IT, management and translation.


Pays bloggers (with a cultural background from the U.S., Canada, Australia or UK) $4 per 300-word blog.


Online retailer hires home-based customer service agents based in West Virginia and Washington state. Pay starts at $11/hour. Search “work from home” or “CSA” in the keyword field.


San Antonio-based company provides support to insurance companies and health care systems across the country. Its calls center of registered nurses answer questions or perform telephone triage. Some nurses may opt to work from home.


This global contract research organization (CRO) provides drug discovery, development and lifecycle management services with in the healthcare industry. It hires medical writers and clincal research associates (CRA) for work at home positions.

Denihan Hospitality Group

New York City-based hotel management and development company whose brands include The James and Affinia Hotels hires work from home reservation agents. Must train in NYC office before working from home.


Educate Online provides live, synchronous, supplemental educational services to parents, students, and school districts. Innstruction is delivered live, online, to students who are struggling in a specific subject or concept. It hires certified K-12 teachers.


Online local news hires work at home editors, writers, sales executives and sales managers nationwide.

ICF International

Firm partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in a variety of fields, including energy and climate change; environment and infrastructure; health, human services and social programs; and homeland security and defense.​ It offers many positions as telecommute or remote. Telecommute jobs include (bilingual) call center agents, teaching, IT and project management.

Imaging On Call

Hires radiologists, trained in the U.S., to work from home. 

By About dot com

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11 Ways to Find Women-Friendly Employers

Trying to find a company that will meet your changing needs as a woman? According to experts, you need to investigate how the organization supports its workers, particularly its female workforce.

Jan Shubert, associate director for Babson College’s Center for Women in Leadership, suggests you investigate “anything that helps you get a picture of how they look at and value women.”

Shubert and other experts say the clearest picture will emerge as you research corporate culture, company leadership, and policies and programs aimed at promoting women, respecting workers and their individual rights, and providing family support.

So how do you obtain the information you need to evaluate these areas? Start your detective work with these 11 strategies:

1. Look for Blue Ribbons
Many companies that recognize women’s work issues get recognized. Catalyst, a nonprofit that researches, consults and educates on workplace gender issues, recognizes pioneering companies. For starters, Julie Nugent, senior associate of Catalyst’s research and model workplace initiatives, advises women to take full advantage of the organization’s Web site. The National Association for Female Executives‘ (NAFE’s) Top 30 Companies for Executive Women and Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies lists are also great resources.

2. Scan the Web for Who Came in Last
“You can do this by searching on phrases like ‘gender discrimination’ and ‘lawsuit,’ or ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘settlement’ to see companies against whom suits have been filed or with which settlements have been reached,” advises Susan Colantuono, CEO of Leading Women, a Rhode Island-based firm offering leadership education for women.

3. Find Out Who’s Running the Show
“Take a look at their leadership,” says Nugent. “Are there any women? Are there diverse individuals on their site? Do companies have diversity on their agenda, and is it plainly important to them?”
Shubert advises women to scan annual reports and company Web sites to count the number of women in upper-level management. Is it a boys’ club, or is it inclusive? Is it diverse? More top-level women usually means a better environment for all women.

Also consider who your boss will be. You can work for the most women-friendly company in the industry, but if your boss does not embrace the company’s espoused values and is unwilling to acknowledge individual needs, that potential job may not work for you. So pay attention during the interview process. Look around your boss’s office or cubicle. Is there a sign that your boss has a life outside work and respects others? Ask her what she is most proud of. If she says, “the time I got everyone to pull an all-nighter to get a job done,” take note.

4. Evaluate Programs and Policies
“A company’s policies around what kind of packages they provide speak to their values,” explains Deborah Cutler-Ortiz, director of national programs and policy for Wider Opportunities for Women, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit that trains women for better paying jobs. “When you’re talking about no benefits, no nothing, you’re communicating how you value your employees.”

Again, awards, reports and Web sites are excellent research tools. Shubert recommends reviewing the criteria Catalyst, NAFE and Working Mother use to judge companies for their lists. See which policies are most important to you and base your search accordingly. Programs that typically matter to women most are those that affect promotion, work/life balance and pay equity.

5. Rate the Space
Does the physical office space look gender-neutral? Shubert recalls once visiting a company with the women’s bathroom a hiking distance from the executive offices. When you visit a potential employer, take note: Do you see women? Are you introduced to women during the interview? If so, what are their positions and do you get a sense of how long they’ve been with the company? Retention rates are an important gauge of worker satisfaction.

6. Interview Them
Don’t be shy about discussing gender. “It’s completely appropriate for a woman to ask the questions that will impact her own career and career growth,” says Nugent. And when you ask questions, consider: “Does it feel like an open culture where things are shared and the process is clear?” she says.

Poor or veiled communication indicates an unfriendly manager or work setting. This is also the chance for you to evaluate the hiring manager. Look for signs that she is gender-neutral. “Your first and foremost concern as a good leader is the development of talented people,” says Shubert.

7. Go to Lunch
In the advanced interview stage, ask to go to lunch with a would-be colleague. Shubert explains this is where you can ask questions about how women fit into the work environment. You also can get a better indication of whether employees feel the company is a good place to work and whether workers feel valued.

8. Turn on the Tube and Flip through Magazines
If a company advertises, see if it recognizes the importance of the female consumer, suggests Shubert. Women affect the majority of purchases in the US, and not acknowledging this fact signals that a company isn’t aware of the importance of women to its success.

9. Rank the Industry
Catalyst’s Web site lists studies by industry. Here you can get a sense of which are friendly by evaluating the industries big players, says Nugent. But, adds Cutler-Ortiz, don’t dismiss industries that aren’t yet women-friendly as they generally pay higher wages. Look for standouts and unionized companies to get the best pay and the best setting.

10. Make Some Phone Calls
“Have a robust network of women colleagues who can tell you what it’s like to work in a particular company or who can connect you with a woman who can,” says Colantuono. And if you can’t find someone connected to your prospective employer, try to connect with someone in the industry who can speak about industry practices. Companies will often benchmark their policies against industry practices as a whole.

11. Consult Your Intuition
If your instinct is telling you something’s not right in a company, listen to it. That prospective employer should not only value women but value and respect all workers and their rights. If the employer’s emphasis seems to be on input rather output, or face time rather than results, beware.

“Don’t ever treat any one piece of the puzzle as the big picture,” says Shubert. “Trust your tummy. If it doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, keep looking.”

By Susan Aaron, Monster Learning Coach

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Study This, Earn That — Learn why your salary is a matter of degrees.

The college diplomas of an engineering and music major look nearly identical.
Their bank accounts at the mid-career mark… not so much.

Not long after the ink dries on their degrees, a petroleum engineer will make $100,000 more per year than a music major, according to mid-career salary statistics from Payscale’s 2010-2011 College Salary Report.

[Looking for a degree? Start here]

For those curious about the average pay that comes with different bachelor’s degrees, we count down some of the most popular degrees from highest to lowest. The results may surprise you…

Study Finance, Earn $91,500

While it may pale in comparison to petroleum engineers, who earn a whopping $157,000, finance graduates with a bachelor’s degree still do quite well, earning an average mid-career salary of $91,500. Typical finance careers include financial planners, bankers, and stockbrokers.
[Find the right Finance degree program for you]

Study Information Technology (IT), Earn $79,300

Information technology gave birth to today’s paperless business world, making an IT bachelor’s degree valuable in every profession imaginable, from the computer industry to health care and beyond. According to Payscale’s 2010-2011 report, IT grads make nearly $80,000 mid-career.
[Search for IT and Information Systems bachelor’s degree programs]

Study Accounting, Earn $77,500

Forget about Mandarin, Spanish, or even English. The most important language in the business world is accounting. According to Payscale, those with a bachelor’s degree in accounting have an average salary of $77,500 mid-career. It’s also a smart choice for those seeking an associate’s degree since many accountants enter the workforce with only two years of training.
[Find Accounting schools and programs]

Study Marketing, Earn $77,300

Knowing how to market a product to the masses is a skill that will always be in demand. Grads with a bachelor’s degree in marketing get paid handsomely for their efforts, averaging at $77,300 per year mid-career. For even quicker training, you can earn a marketing associate’s degree.
[Find local and online Marketing schools now]

Study Business, Earn $70,600

While business administration remains one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees, Payscale broke down undergraduate business degrees into two categories: international business and business. Today’s global economy gives a slight edge to international business majors, who average at $73,700 mid-career, just ahead of the $70,600 in average salary for business majors.
[Search for local and online Business degree and MBA programs]

Study Literature, Earn $65,700

Sure, you will strengthen your reading and writing skills by studying literature. But reading great books can also deepen your ability to understand the human condition. Literature majors often move on to study law or work in communications or marketing as writers and editors.

Study Human Resources (HR), Earn $61,900

Recruiting and retaining the best and brightest employees is an HR professional’s goal. By gaining a bachelor’s in human resources, you can position yourself for a mid-career salary of nearly $62,000 by learning how to best use your people skills in all kinds of workplace environments.
[Find online Human Resources training programs today]

Study Criminal Justice, Earn $58,000

Lawyers and paralegals aren’t the only ones who study laws and how to apply them. Everyone from federal agents and police officers to private investigators can benefit from studying criminal justice. A mid-career salary of $58,000 is the norm for those with a bachelor’s degree.
[Search for Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree programs now]

*All salary data is based upon mid-career averages of those with a bachelor’s degree and comes from Payscale’s 2010-2011 College Salary Report.

By Chris Kyle


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"100 Best" companies for women

Five D.C. companies were among 100 who are being highlighted by Working Mother magazine for maintaining workplaces that allow women to keep balance between their work and home lives. For the 25th year, the list of “Working Mother Best 100” companies spotlights companies that “set a new standard for family-friendly policies.” The local companies include:
  • Arnold & Porter
  • Covington & Burling
  • Fannie Mae
  • National Education Association
Congratulations to them and to their very fortunate employees. The news release below, e-mailed to me by Ila Tyagi of The Rosen Group, a publicist for the magazine, explains the list and why the magazine chose to celebrate such companies.
Print out and show this post to your boss, give or her a hard look and then say something like, “How nice it must be to work for a company with such progressive, enlightened leadership. How wonderful that must be for the employees and the bottom line!”

New York, NY (September 14, 2010) — Celebrating its silver anniversary this year, the Working Mother 100 Best Companies initiative has set the bar for forward-thinking, family-friendly workplace policies for a quarter-century. Today, the Working Mother 100 Best Companies offer better benefits than ever before, eclipsing their counterparts nationwide. With 70 percent of mothers working and women outnumbering men in the workplace for the first time in U.S. history working moms have come a long way.

“Twenty-five years ago, we made a bold decision to launch our Best Companies initiative and challenge businesses to address the unique needs of working mothers,” said Carol Evans, President, Working Mother Media. “The immense influx of women into the workforce demanded changes in workplace culture as companies strove to keep working moms’ talent and loyalty. Today, we celebrate our winners’ untiring commitment to their employees through an impressive array of programs.”

While the Working Mother 100 Best Companies continue expanding their benefits, those at companies nationwide° lag. Just 44 percent of American companies offer telecommuting (vs. 100 percent of the 100 Best), 17 percent offer formal mentoring (vs. 95 percent), and 37 percent offer health insurance for part-timers (vs. 100 percent). 49 percent of employers offered flextime last year, down from 54 percent the prior year. In contrast, all of the 100 Best Companies offer paid maternity leave, lactation rooms, flextime, mental health consultations and elder-care resources; and 98 percent offer health screening and wellness programs–particularly significant in a stress-inducing, poor economy.

Improvements in these companies’ offerings to working-family employees include:
THEN: Six weeks of partially-paid maternity leave
NOW: Six to 14 weeks at full pay, with pre-maternity leaves and new-mom phase-back
THEN: Four percent of Best Companies offered paternity leave
NOW: 75 percent of Best Companies offer paternity leave
THEN: Seven Best Companies offered on-site childcare
NOW: 99 Best Companies offer a range of services including backup child-care, sick childcare, before- and after-school care and summer camps for kids
THEN: Stress reduction programs
NOW: Fully-staffed medical centers at 63 percent, fitness centers at 78 percent and exercise classes at 80 percent of Best Companies
“There’s been a dramatic change in America’s mindset,” said Suzanne Riss, Editor in Chief, Working Mother. “In 1986, women didn’t acknowledge the fact that they were a mom at work for fear of being ‘mommy tracked.’ Today, moms have photos of their kids on their desks because companies recognize that moms make high-achieving, loyal and ambitious employees. What’s more, other employee groups – including dads and people with aging parents – have benefited from the policies promoted by the 100 Best.”
The Working Mother 100 Best Companies employ dynamic programs that adeptly help employees in all areas of their lives. Employees who want to learn how to build a nest egg in a cracked economy can benefit from Prudential Financial’s one-on-one budget coaching. Intel supplies employees and their children and grandchildren with homework help via a tutoring hotline. And employees at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey work with a former stand-up comedian to learn how humor can reduce stress, as part of a five-year program focused on education, exercise and overall well-being.
Profiles of the 100 Best Companies, as well as national comparisons, are in the October issue of 
Working Mother and at workingmother.com/bestcompanies.
*Indicates a Top 10 winning company
־ Indicates a company on the list for all 25 years
  • Abbott
  • Accenture
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • American Electric Power
  • American Express Company
  • AOL
  • Arnold & Porter LLP
  • AstraZeneca
  • Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
  • Bain & Company, Inc.
  • Bank of America*
  • Baptist Health South Florida
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical USA
  • Bon Secours Richmond Health System
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Bronson Healthcare Group, Inc.
  • Capital One Financial Corporation
  • Carlson Companies
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Cisco
  • Citi
  • Colgate-Palmolive Company
  • Covington & Burling LLP
  • Credit Suisse
  • Dell Inc.
  • Deloitte*
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Diageo North America
  • Discovery Communications*
  • Dow Corning Corporation
  • DuPont
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Ernst & Young*
  • Fannie Mae
  • First Horizon National Corporation
  • First National Bank
  • Freddie Mac
  • Genentech
  • General Electric Company
  • General Mills*
  • Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • Grant Thornton LLP
  • Hallmark Cards, Inc.
  • HCA Virginia Health System – Richmond Market
  • Hewitt Associates LLC
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • HP
  • IBM Corporation* ־
  • Intel
  • Johnson & Johnson ־
  • Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
  • Kellogg Company
  • Kraft Foods, Inc.
  • LEGO Systems, Inc.
  • March of Dimes Foundation
  • Marriott International, Inc.
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • McGladrey
  • The McGraw-Hill Companies
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Mercy Health System
  • MetLife, Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Monsanto Company
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Education Association
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Northern Trust Corporation
  • Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
  • Novo Nordisk Inc.
  • Patagonia, Inc.
  • Pearson Inc.
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • The PNC Financial Services Group
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers*
  • The Principal Financial Group
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • sanofi-aventis U.S.
  • SC Johnson
  • Scripps Health
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated
  • TriHealth, A Partnership of Bethesda and Good Samaritan
  • Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics*
  • VCU Health System
  • Verizon Communications Inc.
  • WellPoint, Inc.
  • WellStar Health System*
  • Wyndham Worldwide
  • Yale University
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital
By Avis Thomas-Lester  for the Washington Post

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The Best Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Moms

You need to start bringing home a little extra bacon for your family, but you also need to be available when your kids wake from their nap or get home from school. Not to worry. You don’t have to sign up for the overnight night shift to work around your kids’ schedule. Herewith, eight part-time jobs that pay well and offer a flexible schedule.
1. Call center representative
“These jobs can be ideal for moms,” says Christine Durst, co-author with Michael Haaren of “Work at Home Now: The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-Based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living.” Many customer service positions can be done from home, during the shift of your choosing, Durst says. These jobs often require your own computer, a quiet workspace, and a background check, she adds. For a list of 86 legitimate companies that use home-based call center workers, see Durst and Haaren’s site RatRaceRebellion.com. Some jobs may require a getting a business license or other preparations so do your research carefully.
Median hourly wage: $12.89 plus bonus.
2. Interpreter or translator
Bilingual? Why not get paid for your language skills? “For medical and legal interpreting, you’d get a certification,” says Dr. Laurence Shatkin, author of more than 20 books for job hunters, including “300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree.” While interpreters work verbally in a place of business, translators work with written documents, often from home, on their own time, and against a deadline, says Shatkin.
Median hourly wage: $18.21 plus bonus.
3. Retail sales associate
“Most salespeople have flexible schedules,” though evening and weekend work is often part of the package, Durst says. “The mom who’s already doing Pampered Chef or Mary Kay can parlay those marketing skills into a more traditional job like this.” Despite the hits that retailers have taken during the recession, “There’s always a lot of turnover, which means there are still a lot of job openings,” Shatkin adds.
Median hourly wage: $9.45 plus bonus.
4. Fitness instructor
Are you an aerobics buff? Then why not move to the head of the exercise class? Many YMCA and health club fitness instructors are self-taught, says Shatkin. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an audition is often all that’s required to apply, though employers may request certification once you’re on the job. Job prospects are plentiful and the hours are flexible — to a point, says Shatkin. “You’re needed evenings and weekends when people are available to take the classes,” he explains.
Median hourly wage: $17.39 plus bonus.
5. Medical transcriptionist
“With the wave of aging baby boomers, there’s a huge medical need coming up,” says Durst, who recommends visiting the site mtjobs.com for industry job listings. According to the BLS, about 70 percent of medical transcriptionists work for hospitals or physicians’ offices, with many telecommuting from home. To learn the necessary terminology, software, and hardware, a certification program is a must, says Shatkin.
Median hourly wage: $14.35 plus bonus.
6. Cosmetologist
As the BLS reports, many hair, makeup, and beauty professionals have flexible hours. What’s more, “About half of them are self-employed,” says Shatkin. You’ll need a license to work in cosmetology, with requirements varying by state, Shatkin advises. The website Beauty Schools Directory says that on average, a full cosmetology program involves 1,400 to 1,600 hours of training. (For details, see this list of state board licensing agencies.)
Median hourly wage: $9.55 plus tips and bonus.
7. Tutor
If you excel in math, science, or a second language and like working with kids, tutoring may be for you. “The formal requirements are just about nil,” Shatkin says. What’s more, he says, most tutors are self-employed and enjoy flexible schedules. Companies like Kaplan often hire tutors to help teens prepare for their SATs, Shatkin suggests. In addition, Durst says, companies like Idapted hire those with teaching experience to teach English to overseas students — simply by conversing with them online.
Median hourly wage: $16.05 plus bonus.
8. Bus driver
About a third of public transit and school bus drivers work part time, Shatkin says. And according to the BLS, split shifts are common. Job requirements include a clean driving record, a commercial driver’s license, and several weeks of on-the-job training, Shatkin cautions. On the plus side, he says, “It’s more recession proof than a lot of jobs. Even if the teachers get laid off, the kids still have to ride to school.”
Median hourly wage: $13.74 plus bonus (school bus driver); $15.77 plus bonus (transit and intercity bus driver).

By PayScale for AOL.com


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25 best-paying jobs for women

When you look at Forbes magazine’s most recent list of highest-paid CEO’s (chief executives of the 500 biggest companies in the United States), you won’t see a woman until No. 48: Irene B Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods. In a country where women make up 47 percent of the workforce, 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s are female. In addition, women who worked full time earned an average of just 80 percent of what men earned in the same positions in 2008, according to the BLS.
But is salary disparity between genders the issue or is it something else?
In the Harvard Business Review blog, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox wrote: “Women represent one of the world’s biggest and most under-reported opportunities. The business world has been so focused on stories like the rise of China that it has not been invited to see that, much closer to home, business could be reaping the benefits of the rise of women. Companies and their business school feeders have been slow in adapting and profiting from this shift, and part of the reason is that media too often focus on small, sensational and misleading parts of the story, including aspects like the wage gap.”
Catalyst’s February 2010 Pipeline’s Broken Promise report examining high potential graduates from top business schools around the world found that, even after taking into account experience, industry and region, women start at lower levels than men, make on average $4,600 less in their initial jobs, and continue to be outpaced by men in rank and salary growth. Only when women begin their post-MBA career at mid-management or above do they achieve parity in position with men – a situation that accounted for only 10 percent of the women and 19 percent of the men surveyed.
Whatever the cause, the BLS reports there are only a handful of occupations where women’s earnings are equal to or exceed men’s including construction and extraction occupations; special education teachers; installation, maintenance and repair occupations; life, physical and social science technicians; and counselors.
We wanted to know, what jobs pay women the most money? Here are 25 jobs where women earn $1000 a week or more, according to the BLS, and how those wages compare to their male counterparts’.

Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,647
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,914
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 86.1%
Chief executives
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,603
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,999
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 80.2%
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,509
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,875
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 80.5%
Computer software engineers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,351
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,555
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 86.9%
Computer and information systems managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,260
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,641
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 76.8%
Physicians and surgeons
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,230
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,911
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 64.4%
Management analysts
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,139
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,391
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 81.9%
Human resources managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,137
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,433
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 79.3%

Speech-language pathologists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,124
Men – Median weekly earnings: *
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: **
Computer and mathematical occupations
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,088
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,320
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 82.4%
Computer scientists and systems analysts
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,082
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,240
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 87.3%
Physician assistants
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,077
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: **
Medical and health services managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,066
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,504
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 70.9%
Physical scientists, all other
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,061
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,535
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 69.1%
Postsecondary teachers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,056
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,245
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 84.8%
Marketing and sales managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,024
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,601
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 64%
Physical therapists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,019
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,329
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 76.7%
Occupational therapists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,016
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: **
Registered nurses
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,011
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,168
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 86.6%
Managers, all other
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,010
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,359
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 74.3%
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,004
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: **
Computer programmers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,003
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,261
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 79.5%
Architecture and engineering occupations
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,001
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,286
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 77.8%
Advertising and promotions managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,000
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: **
Education administrators
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,000
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,398
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 71.5%
What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Are males and females paid the same at your organization?
*No data or data that do not meet publication criteria.
** Data not shown where the male employment base is less than 50,000.
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