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Kelli Space Has a $189,182.39 Outstanding Student Loan Debt

On her website Kelli Space confesses to having $189,182.39 outstanding in student loans from her undergraduate days at Northeastern University. She set up that site to ask your help in paying the loans off.
Space, who’s 23, did get a job after she received her bachelor’s degree. But she lives with her parents because the monthly nut on the loans is $891. In November 2011, that monthly bill will be $1600 monthly for 20 years, reports Gawker.

Space explains the mess she got into as the result of being the first in her family to attend college. Therefore, she was not properly tuned into how much debt to take on and what kind of income she could anticipate earning with a college degree.

As of today, the public has pitched in about a $1,951.40 toward retiring Space’s debt. Space’s ultimate goal is to raise $200K so that makes only $198,048.60 to go.
I am quoting the words/views of Kelly on her website Kelli Space
“Hi all,

While I’m extremely grateful to everyone who’s donated, I fear I’ve misrepresented myself in one way or another, as there have been many misconceptions the past couple of days.

I never intended to pass my loans along to someone else and absolve myself of all responsibility. I also never intended to come across as a “beggar.” This website was about putting it out there that I made a mistake, letting people know the extent of the debt burden I’m under because of it that I’m not the only one in this position and asking for help if anyone was so inclined to give it.  If not, absolutely fine. If this is what it took to address the issues of student loan practices, I’m happy to have helped get the dialogue going, as obviously I’m an extreme case.

My loans are absolutely my cross to bear alone, and I’ve been making regular payments since I began my payment plan. I never intend to default, and since I have such a small chance of declaring bankruptcy, I don’t intend to take that “easy way out” either.

I don’t believe my college years were in any way glamorous, though I do realize I chose to give myself an experience that many other people can not and will not experience for themselves. It is MY fault, and mine alone, then, that I am in this debt due to “needing” to attend Northeastern 5 years ago. My gross abuse of finances to pay for my education should not be passed along to anyone else.

I do not expect donations from anyone — how could I? There was no way for me to know the kind of response I’d receive. Those who have donated have shown their support and that has encouraged me a great deal. People have provided me with various links, causing me to look deeper into legislation on student loans; people have asked questions to understand student loan situations better; and people have shared their own related issues, and I absolutely feel for them as well. I admire those who have told me they’ve paid off their loans, or those who didn’t take out more than they could handle from the onset.

By all means, please donate to any of the many causes out there over me. I’m aware that my issue will remain an issue for some 20 years due to my own poor decision-making, and other immediate causes deserve any amount you can give. Please, do not think I expect anyone’s money, particularly over any other cause.

Thank you to everyone who has been open and honest on how they feel. I appreciate all conversation on the topic and, trust me, no one has been harder on me than myself.

Thanks again,

“November 24, 2010”
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