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Man Arrested After Trying To Build Nuclear Reactor at Home

A man from Sweden was arrested after it was discovered he was trying to split atoms and build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. He also blogged about his experiments the whole time.

Richard Handl kept radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment, but he was arrested only after he had sent a question to Sweden’s Radiation Authority, asking whether what he was doing is legal.

“I wanted to see if it’s possible to split atoms at home,” Handl said. While it may be possible, it certainly is not legal under Sweden’s law, and Handl may be looking at two years in prison.

Handl’s blog — still available at richardsreactor.blogspot.com — describes his efforts in detail: obtaining hard-to get materials, trying to create nuclear fission and even having a small “meltdown” in his kitchen after trying to “cook Americium, Radium and Beryllium in 96% sulphuric-acid”.

Handl describes details of his arrest calmly and objectively.

“I was ordered by the police to get out of the building with my hands up, then three men came, with geiger-counters and searched me. Then I was placed in a police-car, when Radiation Safety Authory went into my apartment with very advanced measure-tools. So, my project is canceled,” he wrote in the blog.

[via AP]

by Stan Schroeder for Mashable

Companies hiring this month

15 companies hiring in August 2011:

We are properly to the better half of the Year and most job seekers have got a single aim on the heads: Get a new work. Thankfully, in accordance with CareerBuilder’s midyear forecast, possibilities are usually on the rise among now and also year’s conclusion. For instance, 47 % of organizations intend to employ brand new staff by the end of 2011, as well as 50 % of most organizations point out their particular businesses are experiencing a lack in abilities.

Those two conclusions already are great indicators with regard to job seekers, however they are better still whenever it becomes clear that for the prior ten sectors, employers have always employed more staff as compared to they will anticipated. When background is actually any kind of signal, we could notice the number of organisations selecting inside the leftover 5 weeks of the season end up being also greater than anticipated.

Nevertheless, jobs will not merely land on your front doorstep. Inquire any job hunters and also they will let you know: The job search is work. A few are more difficult than others, depending on the business and location. Right up until we try to help to make people work property on your own front doorstep, we all can at least level an individual in direction of companies that are hiring in August.

Amedisys Home Health
Industry: Home health
Sample job titles:  Occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language pathologist, registered nurse, home health aide
Location: Nationwide

Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
Industry: Gaming and entertainment
Sample job titles: Beverage server, security officer, food and beverage
Location: Blackhawk, Col., St. Charles, Mo., East Chicago, Ind., Kansas City, Vicksburg, Miss., Council Bluff, Iowa, Jackpot, Nev., Las Vegas

Armchem International
Industry: Manufacturing and wholesale distributor
Sample job titles: Outside sales, inside sales
Locations: Baltimore, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, N.H., N.C., S.C., Fla.

The Bartech Group
Industry: Engineering, information technology, finance and accounting
Sample job titles: Product engineer, electronic technician, scientist, manufacturing engineer, tech analyst
Location: Mich., N.J., Calif., Ga.

Burnett Staffing
Industry:  Generalist
Sample job titles: Senior metallurgist/materials engineer, marketing coordinator, manufacturing engineering manager
Location: Texas

Career Systems Development
Industry: Education
Sample job titles:  Residential advisors, instructors, cooks, drivers, alcohol and drug counselors, counselors, administrative assistant, accounting managers, security officers
Location: San Diego, San Jose, New Haven, New Orleans, Cassadaga, N.Y., Limestone, Maine, Bangor, Maine, Laredo, Texas, Rochester

Industry:  IT outsourcing
Sample job titles: Senior solutions architect, senior IT manager, enterprise territory sales
Location: Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Delta Airlines
Industry: Aviation
Sample job titles: Flight attendants
Location: Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York

Examination Management Services
Industry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Nurse practitioner
Location: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama

GLC Group
Industry: Staffing/recruiting for health care, IT, finance, engineering, government
Sample job titles: Health care sales representative, health care sales representative, pharmacy technician
Location: Mich., Va., Fla., Calif.

Multiband USA
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Satellite installation technician, call center manager, business intelligence designer, general manager
Location: Nationwide

NEW Customer Service Companies, Inc.
Customer service
Sample job titles: Customer service representative call center, customer service representative – work at home
Location: Nationwide

Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Maryland Office
Industry: Government (military, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and public health)
Sample job titles: Mechanical engineer, nuclear engineer, chemical engineer, aerospace engineer, environmental engineer, microbiologist, epidemiologist, historian, anthropologist
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: HHA, CNA, RN care manager, LPN, director of professional relations, director of nursing, LCSW care manager
Location: Nationwide

XSport Fitness
Industry: Fitness, health care
Sample job titles: Personal trainers, managers, salon/spa professionals, sales
Location: Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C. Metro/Va.

Nontraditional Careers Which Pay $100K

It’s no solution which physicians, lawyers, and senior professionals most importantly Businesses generally earn half a dozen figures or even more. However exactly where are the $100,000 careers for the rest of us–the a hundred and forty zillion United states employees which don’t have the desire, the particular abilities, or even the threshold with regard to student credit card debt to go for the particular classic big-money occupations?

It turns out that, today, you can find a large number of six-figure occupations. Here are just a couple of worth your consideration:


Developing nations might move on much more technical engineers than America, however we have nonetheless got sufficient jobs to maintain wages nice, no less than In some areas. In accordance with May possibly U.S. Agency at work Data data, the top ten percent regarding electric engineers posted average salaries regarding almost $127,000, as well as 1 / 2 of engineering managers gained average wages in excess of $117,000.

Within interactive specialties for example Web design, information architecture, as well as user friendliness, “there’s an absolute dearth of talent with three to five years of experience,” states Allison Hemming, president from the employment firm Hired Employed Guns.

Older Internet producers can generate $85,000 to be able to $110,000. “Interactive feels very 1999 right now,” Hemming claims. “It’s a real opportunity for people who may have left the field and come back or are just out of college.”

Can production employees method half a dozen numbers? They could if they’re inside the correct high-tech Specialized. According to Jack port Dolmat-Connell, president with the compensation contacting organization DolmatConnell & Partners, a few semiconductor great technicians will make approximately $90,000 with at an increased rate.

Financial Services:

Experts mixed up in provision associated with bread-and-butter financial services–not just people ensconced on Wall Street–often generate 6 figures. “Producers [salespeople] in insurance and branch managers–those can average $120,000 to $125,000,” says Dolmat-Connell.

Property may be experiencing a great overabundance of latest entrants, yet long-term prospective customers with regard to higher income within costly financial markets are still favorable. “Real estate agent–that’s one of those quiet little jobs where you can make a boatload of money,” states Bill Coleman, mature Vice President regarding compensation with Salary.com. A realtor that participates in the selling of 12 or even 18 half-million-dollar houses per year–easy to complete within big-money marketplaces just like the Northeast–is likely to hit $100,000 in income.

Entertainment and Hospitality:

Can a employee rise from hamburger flipper in order to six-figure earner? Don’t assume all day time, however it takes place. Restaurant managers may earn $100,000 at high-end dining places as well as resorts,” says Coleman.

For many who reside around a online casino, huge earnings might be attainable, even with out a higher education. “The top 25 percent of casino pit managers earn over $100,000, with just high school and five years of experience,” claims Dolmat-Connell.

Security and Hazard Obligation:

Run-of-the-mill protection guards typically earn lower spend, however well-placed safety experts are capable of doing much better. “Security guards for celebrities can earn six figures,” claims Coleman. These kinds of jobs are targeted within Ny and Los Angeles, yet sporting activities megastars might have protection located in their own teams’ hometowns.

Less-glamorous gigs will pay equally efficiently, in the event that perform circumstances bring about reasonably limited. Oil-rig employees need to cope with dangerous and also remote work sites, thus high-ranking crew people make as much as $100,000.


An advanced six-figure aspirant, the federal government may be one of the final employers arrive at brain. However Uncle Sam wants 1000s of specialists as of this level annually.

“Retirement rates for midlevel managers are high; more and more, the government is hiring people from the outside directly into management,” states Kathryn Troutman, mcdougal regarding “Ten Steps to a Federal Job” and past Beast contributor.

And middle-management jobs inside federal government might be much better paid out as compared to their private-sector alternatives. “Midrange professional salaries are much higher, and the flexibility and benefits are much better,” says Troutman. These careers usually belong to the actual GS-14 and also GS-15 quality amounts.

Listed below are just a few of the Government careers that may spend $100,000 or even more, based on USAJOBS:

LinkedIn Roll-outs Switch That allows you to Apply for Job

LinkedIn just produced less complicated to make application for a work, thanks to the start of their brand new “Use Together with LinkedIn” option.

The actual business-oriented social networking will be billing the brand new feature because “the way forward for work applications.” The particular company’s goal is always to make the job application process as fundamental as the click.

“Our aim with Utilize With LinkedIn would be to aid every specialist take their finest feet ahead, everywhere across the internet after they consider which jump to get a brand new position,” Complex Product Supervisor Jonathan Seitel stated about the company’s weblog.

The switch is a lot like the actual Twitter twitter button or perhaps the FB Just like switch because businesses can easily add it online. The actual switch fundamentally enables you to submit the LinkedIn user profile as the resume — absolutely no job cover letter essential. As soon as you publish your job program, you are given the opportunity concept your own contacts at the organization and request any affiliate. You can observe how the option operates within the slideshow below.

LinkedIn furthermore allows you for you to handle your job software with a “Saved Work” tab, so you can always double check who may have the job.

With regard to businesses trying to retain the services of, it’s an easier approach to display individuals. LinkedIn Information are even and easily retrieveable, and the option just requires a handful of traces of Program code to be able to put into action. That integrates along with several application tracking systems as well, numerous organizations can simply incorporate the actual LinkedIn program feed within their current national infrastructure. Netflix, Tripit and also Photobucket will probably be some of the very first businesses to feature the particular button on their web sites.

The actual Use With LinkedIn button is based on the notion that the continue is an outdated relic. The reason why distribute a continue whenever all of that details (and more) can be acquired on the LinkedIn report? Nonetheless, the option is practically too easy. You can visit a desperate career seeker hitting the particular option and submitting work application to a huge selection of potential employers, regardless of their skills.

Any idea what of the Use Along with LinkedIn button? Do you want to put it on for your company or in your work lookup? Inform Linkedin in the remarks.

Paid for Doing Nothing: Suspended Office Assistant Kept Getting Checks for 12 Years

Talk about a soft job! Going back 12 many years, a Virginia lady hasn’t already turn up to the girl business office and contains completed zero work, however she has been accumulating once a year wage that has wrecked greater than $300,000. Recently, the particular accounting mistake had been discovered and also the woman’s obligations had been discontinued, but now she’s declaring inappropriate cancelling as well as lack of employment rewards!

All of it began greater than a number of in years past, whenever Jill McGlone, who was simply working as a business office assistant for your Norfolk Neighborhood Companies Panel, was stopped with regard to “revealing confidential medical information.” Apparently, authorities didn’t remember to be able to postpone the girl spend, however, and the assessments, which wrecked regarding $26,000 annually, kept venturing out, according to California, D.C., media site TBD.

Of course, $26,000 each year just isn’t an exorbitant wage, yet thinking about just what she was and had not been carrying out to make this, it’s a bit more than large, actually. There isn’t any term on Whether your woman acquired health insurance, but there was certainly retirement living cost savings involved too, and also McGlone is angry which she’s recently been not able to accessibility these given that the lady was over.

The woman’s circumstance only agreed to be discovered recently, when a fresh boss, Maureen Womack, arrived to consider the particular reigns of Norfolk CSB. Your woman went on the spending budget, identified the human resource department’s mistake, and also dismissed McGlone together with alacrity.

Yet McGlone, silent for a dozen years, finds the woman’s words finally. TBD accounts that, in a correspondence towards the town supervisor of Norfolk, your woman authored, “The denial of my unemployment benefits, the wrongful termination of my employment, and the refusal to allow me to draw down the money in my retirement are issues needed for discussion.”

After that the lady claimed that she has been discriminated towards, although it’s unclear exactly how that is achievable whenever Nobody even observed her, and most failed to have any idea she been around. She additionally stated which the girl municipal legal rights were violated, and also you can not assist but ponder where she gets the girl inalienable privileges by sitting in your own home around the sofa whilst average folks start working. Then there is also the particular claim that your woman and her household have got “suffered greatly.” Think of every one of the hassle brought on by the gravy teach no more stopping with her front door.

It is astonishing that there’s an attorney available who does take her situation as well as advise the woman’s, but there’s always the possibility that they put in people years at home obtaining a regulation level on the internet, be prepared for per day such as this.


CSB worker speaks out in letter: wavy.com

Top Ten Companies Hiring This Week

August 7 – August 13

To ease the burden, we have tracked down ten top companies that are hiring this week from sales jobs to finance jobs, full-time jobs to part-time jobs. They hope you discover a job that is ideal for you.

We know that your job search can get frustrating these days with more people trying to discover a job & fewer employment opportunities obtainable.

Best of  luck job hunting!

01. Sears

Most people recognize Sears as the department store common to countless shopping malls. While their department stores are certainly popular, Sears Holdings operates several other brands as well.

The company was the ninth-largest retailer in 2010, behind other giants like Wal-Mart, Target and Costco.

Employee Review: “My favorite things about working with Sears is the stability. The company has been around for over 100 years and is one of the largest in the world. It has great benefits and work-life balance is excellent. I don’t have to worry about being on-call on nights and weekends. They have really great quality people who are easy to get along with.”*

Top Job Categories:

02. Ernst & Young

Headquartered in London, England, Ernst & Young is one of the so-called Big Four accounting firms. The company’s activities consist mainly in doing financial audit work for other corporations.

Additionally, the company is actively involved in areas such as actuarial consulting, as well as due diligence research for mergers and acquisitions.

Most of the major U.S. accounting firms have been in a hiring frenzy as of late. Ernst and Young is no exception: In March it announced that it is looking to hire 7,000 employees from college campuses (2,500 of whom will be interns) and an additional 6,000 experienced workers.

The company is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Entrepreneur of the Year program. For the last several months the company has been announcing its regional winners, with the national title to be awarded in November.

Employee Review: “Excellent brand, great client base, excellent opportunity to work globally. Focus on people is strong given the nature of consulting.”*

Top Job Categories:

03. Snap-On Tools

Founded in 1920, Snap-On designs, manufactures and markets professional-grade tools in the United States. They operate on a franchise model, with dealer vans that allow for mobile showrooms. This sales and marketing method has proven successful, and is the grounds for the company’s entire business model.

Snap-On has a history of involvement in the automotive and motorsports industries. Their tools are popular among mechanics, and the company has traditionally sponsored various motorsport teams in the U.S., including Roger Penske Racing and Penske’s Sprint Cup Series team.

The company recently announced a credit program for prospective franchisees. This program will allow for financing of the start-up costs of a Snap-On franchise for a minimum of $37,000.

Employee Review: “Progressive environment, clear strategic business objectives and communications, clear mission, vision values communications. Company going through changes for the better.”*

Top Job Categories:

04. Aflac

The company was founded in 1955 by brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos. In 1964 the company pioneered the concept of “cluster-selling” insurance, in which sales agents would go to corporate offices to give groups of workers insurance presentations, as opposed to presenting each person individually.

In 1990 Daniel Amos was named CEO of the company, and in 2000 he made history when he introduced the world to the Aflac Duck. The world-famous fowl now has his own place on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame and is a universally recognized icon of American popular culture.

The company was recently named to IDG’s Computerworld as one of the Best Places to Work in Information Technology for 2011. This is the 12th time that Aflac has achieved the distinction of being one of the top 100 organizations in terms of compensation, benefits, training and career development.

Employee Review: “Great product that provides piece of mind. This is an easy sell if you point out why there is such a need for it. Nice incentives, but the bar is set high.”*

Top Job Categories:

05. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in New Jersey, Bed, Bath & Beyond has achieved success thanks to a unique blend of merchandise, store layout and management techniques.

The company has over 1,000 stores and operates under a few brand names, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops and Harmon. They purchased Buy Buy Baby, Inc. in 2007, in order to widen their customer base and better appeal to prospective and current parents.

In June, Bed, Bath & Beyond announced a partnership with actress Diane Keaton to offer a new line of stoneware called K by Keaton. The price range for the line starts at about $5 for individual pieces and goes up to roughly $60 for a 12-piece set.

Keaton has indicated that the inspiration for the design comes from her own experiences. After having broken many a plate herself, she has come to appreciate sturdy dishes adorned with simple designs.

Employee Review: “I love working for a company that is actually concerned about customer service. We put customer service as our No. 1 priority….”*

Top Job Categories:

06. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the fourth-largest bank in the United States by assets, and the 11th-largest company in the country. Headquartered in San Francisco, they employ nearly 300,000 and have over 70 million customers nationwide.

The company has been in the news for their ongoing merger with Wachovia Bank N.A. They plan to complete the integration between all Wells Fargo and Wachovia branches by mid-October of this year.

Employee Review: Large company with a lot of training, encouraged to change positions/departments within bank to grow and learn, good senior management and diversity commitment.*

Top Job Categories:

07. Verizon

Verizon Communications, headquartered in New York, N.Y., is a Dow 30 company that employs over 196,000 worldwide. The company provides services to 96 percent of Fortune 1000 companies as well as many governments.

The company’s wireless division, headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., is actually a joint venture of Verizon Communications and the British telecom company, Vodafone. Verizon Wireless offers voice and data services in over 200 destinations around the world. The division employs over 85,000, including those who work at some of their more than 2,000 stores and kiosk locations.

Verizon was recently named by CollegeGrads.com as the No. 3 company for entry-level hiring for the year 2011, looking to hire 4,250 new grads this year. While most companies on the list are seeking engineers, business students and marketing majors for the coveted spots, Verizon seems to be focused on creativity, trying to attract fine arts, music and liberal arts majors.

Employee Review: “Good salary and benefits. Better than most companies. You are not going to get paid so much for being a CSR at any other company!”*

Top Job Categories:

08. PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers (now referred to as PwC) was formed in 1998 by the merger of English firms Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, both of which originated in London in the mid 1800s. PwC offers services in a variety of fields, including human resources, crisis management, and tax and performance improvement, to clients across 26 industries.

The company maintains one of the world’s largest accounting networks, with over 750 offices stretched across roughly 150 countries. As of 2010, this network was maintained by a worldwide staff of over 161,000. With such size, it’s little surprise that the company is listed among the so-called Big Four accounting firms, along with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

Perhaps most famous as the company that counts the Academy Awards votes, PwC announced in April that it is planning to hire 45,000 new employees this year. Ten thousand of these employees will be for U.S.-based positions. Of these openings, it seems that about 3,900 are slated for entry-level hires.

Employee Review: “The resources PwC offers are the main reason I have stayed. Money is better in industry than in the Big Four, but the experience/speed of advancement cannot be compared to.”*

Top Job Categories:

09. Liberty Mutual

Founded in 1912, the company provides a range of insurance products to individuals, which cover personal property such as automobiles, homes and valuables. Liberty Mutual also offers consumers personally liability coverage, as well as life insurance and annuity products.

Additionally, the company provides an array of commercial products, such as workers compensation insurance and corporate automobile insurance, to both mid-size and large companies.

Currently ranked No. 82 on the Forbes 100, the company employs roughly 45,000 worldwide. Liberty Mutual is the third largest U.S.-based property and casualty insurer, based on 2010 revenues, trailing only Berkshire Hathaway and AIG.

Employee Review: “Great benefits from day one, as sales agent you have laptop & aircard to use for personal use. Flexibility to schedule your own appointments as long as you maintain your I/M status….”*

Top Job Categories:

10. General Dynamics

General Dynamics is a defense contractor specializing in both naval and land based combat systems, as well as information systems.

In the last 15 years or so, the company has grown quite a bit through acquisitions. In 1997 the company started purchasing companies with expertise in the information technology field. Since then, the company has purchased more than 50 companies.

All these acquisitions have greatly increased the size of their workforce. In the last 15 years, the company’s workforce has grown roughly 300 percent to its current size of approximately 90,000 employees today.

The company’s NASSCO division was recently awarded a $744 million contract by the U.S. Navy to build Mobile Landing Platforms (MLPs), which will be built at the company’s shipyard in San Diego.

Employee Review: “General Dynamics takes care of its employees. At General Dynamics you will be able to work on some of the most complex projects in the world.”*

Top Job Categories:

* All employee reviews from GlassDoor.com


By AOL Jobs Contributor

2011 Salary Negotiation Tactics That Really Works

Experts offer key pointers on approaching the subject of wage as the economy evolves in 2011.

As they usher in 2011, specialists are hinting at a better climate for the economy, employment and even wage negotiations. Recent surveys indicate a growing number of employers are concerned that their top talent might leave when the economy improves. The result: More employers are willing to negotiate on wage than they have been since the Great Recession.

If you are looking for a raise at your current gig, or hoping to get more out of a wage negotiation with a brand spanking new employer, you may have more leverage in 2011 than 2010 and the earlier years.

To get the most out of the chance requires that you use some updated tactics, said several wage specialists. Here, several offer a six-step method to get the most out of a 2011 wage negotiation:

    1. Verify the company’s fiscal health. Find out whether your firm or the new company is growing and optimistic, said Michael Crom, chief learning officer at Dale Carnegie Training. If your company is keeping its head above water, they notes, asking for a raise or pressing the hiring manager to increase the beginning wage might not be realistic.
    2. Know & document your value. You must have a history of adding value to your employer, such as saving the company a significant amount of money or increasing its visibility, said Debra Benton, an executive coach based in Fort Collins, Colo. Collect an e-mail portfolio of compliments from vendors, peers, colleagues & customers, as well as documents showing what you have done to make or save the company money & provide the paper trail to your boss the day before your performance review, said Danny Cahill, president of Hobson Associates, a recruiting firm in Connecticut. “Be gutsy & say, ‘Based on what is in that portfolio, is it fair to say I deserve a raise?” Cahill explains.
    3. Use your best people skills. “Don’t get emotional or confrontational in any way. Don’t put the boss in a place where he will lose face,” Crom said. It’s important that you be genuinely interested in your boss & try to see things from her point of view, he said.
  1. Rehearse the conversation. Crom said role-playing beforehand will help you avoid getting emotional in the work of the actual talk. Think about what your boss would say, what objections he might have regarding a raise, & the way you would handle it in a professional & positive way, Crom explains. “How they reply to an objection could make all the difference in whether or not they receive a raise,” he said.
  2. Be first. When interviewing for a used job, inquire about the wage range for the position before someone asks what wage you require, said Benton. For example, if you are currently making $40,000 and the range for the new position is $50,000 to $70,000, then you are in the range, they explains. “I recommend bringing up anything uncomfortable to discuss, and money is uncomfortable,” they said.
  3. Understand what a wage range means. If you’re in the running for a job where the employer has listed the wage range at $130,000 to $180,000, don’t be miffed in the event that they offer you less than $180K, Cahill said. If you’re currently earning $135K, & the employer offers you $150K, “you ought to be thrilled,” they explains, because companies usually look at what you’re earning, & offer that wage and 8 to ten percent.


By Kristina Cowan for the Ladders

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