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When the New Boss Ruins Your Work Life … What to Do?

For the past few years, his working life has been fantastic. If you like your job, co-workers and wages, and the company has generous health, vacation and 401k benefits. If he had written his own ideal job description would be this.

Until recently, when his former – not to mention beautiful – head of the left. His replacement is hell on wheels. Not only always find mistakes in their work, but also makes cutting comments about their appearance.

Lately, you’ve been thinking about leaving, but do not want to give up so easily. No – at least not until you have tried to improve the situation.

Much about the happiness of work has to do with your boss. And if a manager wanted to leave, not everyone survives the change. New leaders will inevitably want to put their mark on the department. If you get off on the wrong foot, however, does not mean you have to leave. There are ways to ease a difficult transition.

Meet the new boss

Tell him you want to be the best job I can, and want to learn his style. What are the five top priorities of the chief has for the department? These may be different to the priorities of his former boss, so be prepared to shift gears.

Comment on criticism

Talk to your boss about his criticisms, but not defensive. Try a simple, “Sometimes I feel that I am not communicating well with you, or I’m doing something I disapprove.’d Appreciate some guidance on how I can offer you the support you need so you can do the job.” If your boss has serious problems with you, you will most likely leave now.

Put the head of Facility

If your new boss is filling big shoes, chances are you’re nervous about it. Criticism can be used to mask insecurity. So think of ways to put the new boss at ease. Are you working on a project that has to catch up? Write a note and summary of the information you think might help. Think about ways you could help her, not vice versa.

Meet your new boss

If possible, ask to lunch to learn more about it. Think of it as a job interview, because that’s basically what it is. Ask questions about your last job. Be careful not to get too personal, however. Getting too comfortable too quickly can lead to problems. Not to mention that many managers like to keep a veil between them and their professional employees. Listen more than talk. If you ask questions, answer them honestly but carefully. His new boss is sized up as well.

Check your attitude

When his new boss came on board, was to act on the defensive? Did you ever say: “I always do it this way,” when she asks you to do something different? Take the words “can not”, “no”, “impossible” together with other negative, of their vocabulary when asked to do something not done in his department before. Unless, of course, the suggestions that you can not really do or are illegal.

Leaving your job is a big decision. On the other hand, life is too short to be miserable 40 hours a week. And you will be unhappy if you and your new boss is very different working styles and really do not get along at work. Just be sure to consider carefully the options to make this relationship work for both.

Before leaving the company as a whole, make a personal visit and find out if there are other positions available on the company. Remember: You’re the one with the history, and would be hard pressed to lose.

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